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So it seems Erica and Jeg are back in RJ PS cars this season, according to the broadcast on FS1. Anyone know any details about the new cars? How they're different than what they started the season with in '18, prior to switching to Haas cars? Expectations for this season?

Just Paul

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Only Erica for now, Jeg should have his in Gainesville.

I heard Rick say in an interview he felt his cars were too stiff with the latest generation of tires.


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When they switched to Haas cars last year I heard from a knowledgeable source that the stiffness of the Jones chassis might be the problem.

Sounds like that was true. Being Erica's crew chief gave them the opportunity to study Haas chassis

I think Brogden is in a Haas and so is Laughlin.
Yea, I saw that Jeg was still in a Haas car right after I posted this. I wasn't really paying much attention to it before I heard Erica mention it on air. Thanks for taking the time to answer. I appreciate it.


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As of now Erica is the only one in the new version of a RJ Pro stock car. My buddy has a RJ car he runs in TS. He looked at both RJ and HAAS cars. RJ car is way stiffer than a HAAS car.


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This might be a dumb question, but does Pro Stock always use the same chassis at every race? The posts about the Haas car being less stiff made me think of years past, where Dick LaHaie won the championship in T/F one year & used 3 cars to do it. One was a 'good track" car, one a "medium track" and the last a "bad track". I know that the tracks are glued today & that makes a hugh difference, but conditions change. Hot, cold, humid, altitude, so just wondering if the teams swap cars. Chassis science is so good these days....


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I would assume that is correct
I know that his chassis for 2000 HP were two rail from 4 link to front so he may have changed that. I know Tim McAmis started to add bar from 4 link to right before rear motor plate that way it still left flex.but added strength for nitrous motors.

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