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Dry sump on FC vs. wet sump on TF (1 Viewer)


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Think I might have brought this up before, but I can think of several reasons why a FC has a dry sump - lower profile oil pan, oil fires aren't as bad since most of the oil is in the sump tank, and again, because oilis in the sump tank, so less oil down. I don't know which of these reasons is (are) the motivation for the rule FCs must run dry sump systems.

And then that raises the question of why not on TF, too? I would guess it's a problem of where to put the sump tank. Not sure.

Any, that's my geek question of the day...


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Tom, You have a great question, If Top Fuel ran a dry sump, Where would they put the tank? If they found a spot in the front of the car, The weight in the front would definitely be having the crew trying to adjust the weight transfer/ ballast positions.
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