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Corradi Leaves JFR (1 Viewer)


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It does say don't be surprised if you see him in familiar surroundings. So I would say at least DSR if not on Anton's car. Also, if Tony has found a sponsor, he may go there.

Bob K.

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I think Brian liked a closer relationship with his driver, where Force is all over making his required personal appearances. He actually said that on the telecast. So maybe that's the reason fro the change.

turbo ken

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Corradi didn't like how John stages his car deep like he does because of the et you loose that can cost you lane choice is one reason I'm sure.


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As the article states "don't be surprised if you see him in familiar surroundings." AB DSR. TS DSR. I do not see him staying in FC.


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I'm thinking, Antron brown, Torrence and Corradi. Way too early to tell because the actual releases don't come out until after the new year.


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Hmmm, Force's car really picked up in performance when Corradi moved over and had Force in the hunt for the championship, good luck next year being able to do that without Carradi on board.


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wow... brian had force running great. suprised to hear this. i was thinking force could win it all in 2020 with corradi. but hes force, he can win with lots of other crew chiefs....
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