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The Little Lizard

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Maybe I missed it but didn't see anyone one mention that Alexis set and NHRA record/standard/accomplishment with her win-1st female to win 3 Funny Car National events in one season ;):):D


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I have to think Shirley might see something familiar in Alexis. Shirley is the queen of drag racing in my house and Alexis just moved into the castle.

....glad they didn't interview Alexis' husband after the win.


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That was a great win. if my favorites couldn't win, then I was glad to see her win it. Love the Kalitta mosh pits too!
I have personally witnessed Alexis be really cool, down to earth, and humble to fans. Lots of little girls look up to her. I'm glad she is in the sport.


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I know Johnny Gray and Alexis very well and they are exactly the opposite of the Gasparrelli example. They know it takes hard work, talent...and yes, money, to win. But just having the resources won't do it. I can name several who are gone that were exactly as described by Lou, and you'd say "Ya, come to think of it where are they now?".

Speaking of Johnny Gray, I first met him around 1990 at our local track in ABQ. He had a Pro Mod Firebird with a 633 CI then, asking what I thought it would run. Our track was a gravel road then, and he overpowered the Hell out of it. John McClintock helped him figure the clutch and tune-up out, he then went a [email protected] which was the Doorslammer record for quite some time!

Silly Savage

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Both of my daughters where their Alexis F/C shirts. My oldest and I hung out with Alexis in the pits at the Winternationals....my daughter still talks about it....got a great picture too.
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