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2018 Top Fuel Championship Speech (1 Viewer)


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Thanks Shannon. I enjoyed watching this. Plan on watching them all, but don't know that I would have found them without you taking the time to post the link. Appreciate it.

I have to say that I enjoy Steve's style. I like his parents and while his outspokenness ruffles some feathers, I really appreciate his genuine nature and true east Texas style (I would say me too, but that phrase has its own meaning now). Looking forward to catching JR next.


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Any idea when NHRA is going to post the awards videos to youtube?
I looked for them a couple of days ago but didn't see any. That is an awesome team and that was an awesome and very emotional speech from Steve. When I'm in Brownsburg I always stop by their shop and Bobby Lagana always books me a room at the hotel Steve was talking about. The manager even calls it Bobby's place.:)
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