Winners' Circle with Reinhart

Discussion in 'NHRA' started by The Counterfeiter, Feb 22, 2009.

  1. The Counterfeiter

    The Counterfeiter Nitro Member

    Don't ask me why, but I've never gone to the Wally presentation after a race.
    It was a lot of fun and one of the things that stood out was Alan Reinhart's very close bond with the drivers. Great stuff.
  2. Wayne

    Wayne Nitro Member

    Did he pick on Fletcher for being late?
  3. Pablocruise

    Pablocruise Nitro Member

    The finals at Pomona last year was my first time as well.
    He does a great job.
    Man, he was covered in powerade too! Sticky situation, but he went on and it was a fun deal.
  4. PJ

    PJ Staff Member Nitro Member

    Yeah Alan does a great job in the winer circle. He has fun with it, which makes it fun for everyone else too
  5. Kel

    Kel Nitro Member

    I agree it's awesome! Everyone should go to at least one Winner's Circle! Alan and the drivers are classic with each other.
  6. yoda

    yoda Nitro Member

    For those here that slam AR for being a puppet for NHRA (which is the farthest thing from the truth if you knew him), this is the part of him that makes him as knowlegable about the sport as he is- NOT because of who's shirt he wears on the weekend.

    His association with the drivers and crews is something we could all dream about- his knowledge of the sport makes for great bench racing or great for killing down time while he's on the mic, and the relationship that he has with many of teams out there allows him to entertain us about the little known things that we all want to know about (one of the reasons we all hang out HERE).

    Plus, the fact of WHOS numbers he has in his speed dial that will pick up before the third ring would make you cry...:D

    Do a winner's circle if you get a chance- its one of those things about this sport that you'll get to say "I remember back in the day when I did that..", when all the newbies are musing about how cool that must have been... :cool:
  7. Gary H

    Gary H Nitro Member

    We always stay for the awards, always a good time. The hat shuffle is pretty funny too.... :D
  8. Tim5636sc

    Tim5636sc Nitro Member

    i could not have said it any better. I totally agree. But who am i? I just dont get it:) yeah you'll never live that one down!
    Seriously though, i watch ever time in awe. Often imagine myself on both sides of those interviews.
    You always do great work Alan!
  9. paoldtimer

    paoldtimer Nitro Member

    Indy winners circle was awesome! Steve Johnson was yada-yada-yadaing so Alan decided to lay down and take a nap!! Hilarious.
  10. PJ

    PJ Staff Member Nitro Member

    or the gators when Steve won and he was introducing the Bike to Wally and Wally to the bike. Hilarious
  11. PJ

    PJ Staff Member Nitro Member

    Hey Alan,

    With the new website, does nhra have any plans to maybe podcast the winners circle activities?
  12. .

    . Nitro Member

    It's a good thing that Capps doesn't tackle Alan anymore; with the Napa team's success so far, he would be a bruised mess.:p
  13. Kel

    Kel Nitro Member

    Kev....are you serious? Do you really think Ron could actually succeed in tackling Alan and actually causing bruises? LOL ;)
  14. PJ

    PJ Staff Member Nitro Member

    hey now don't count Ron out, don't forget he does have experience fighting up a wieght class:D
  15. Kel

    Kel Nitro Member

    OMG! I totally thought about that after I hit submit!

    Ron.....winner of 2 races in a row.....I will never, never underestimate you again!, if he wins...well. OK, nevermind, but I still luv ya!

  16. .

    . Nitro Member

    I seem to remember that Ron used to tackle Alan at the top end; Ron may be a sawed-off little runt (like me); however, he can definitely take care of business.:D:p:D
    Last edited: Feb 24, 2009
  17. Kel

    Kel Nitro Member

    Hey, hey, hey.....I never made a short joke! Heheh....
  18. Randy

    Randy Nitro Member

    I think with the size difference it would probably look something like this:

  19. none

    none Nitro Member

    Thank You all for the kind words, I do try to have fun with it and I'm proud of my connection with the drivers. When Capps brought up the Van Halen thing I cringed a little-LOL I love it when the drivers bust my chops as well.

    And if my phone ever turns up missing, I guess I'll know who has it-LOL

  20. Toejam

    Toejam Nitro Member

    Every time I see Alan in the Winner's Circle I ask for his autograph, but he keeps blowing me off!:mad:

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