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Discussion in 'NHRA' started by Jet, Apr 9, 2007.

  1. Jet

    Jet Nitro Member

    Watching all the ESPN NHRA races from the 90's has stuck a few questions like what is:

    AL Hoffman
    Chuck Etchells
    Jim Epler
    Richard Hartman
    Bruce Sarver
    Robert Reehl
    Kenji Okajaki

    Are doing now?

    Anybody know?
  2. DixonFan

    DixonFan Staff Member Nitro Member

    Bruce Sarver took his life 2 years ago. Very sad deal.

    As far as the rest of your list I am unsure. I know someone will chime in and let you know.

  3. Jet

    Jet Nitro Member

    Man, I missed that, terrible news.
  4. .

    . Nitro Member

    AL Hoffman.... Retired from Funny cars.... He's into street rods now I think
    Chuck Etchells.... Also Retired from the FC category... sold all of race his stuff (I think) ... Dont know what he's doing now
    Jim Epler.... Not sure what he's doing but his wife was part of the DRAW organization
    Richard Hartman..... I think he's into the nostalgia FC's now
    Bruce Sarver.... Shannon already answered this one. (see above post)
    Robert Reehl.... Not sure but I've seen him post on a few other boards.... he's still around.
    Kenji Okajaki..... He's doing his own thing back home but he was just here in the US at a race last year hanging out with Big Jim Dunn's team.

    Sorry for not being more detailed... This is all I know :)
  5. TJ

    TJ Nitro Member

    Epler is way into the import dragracing..
    Richard Hartman helps tune Litton..
    Reehl could qualify @ most races in Top Fuel anytime as he is majorly involved in blown alcohol/fuel parts..
  6. Demon

    Demon Nitro Member

    Hoffman sold his house, bought a motor home and is "going to travel the USA"...currently has said motor home at a RV park in Florida.
  7. .

    . Nitro Member

    I knew Epler was into the import thing at one time but wasn't sure if he still was.... Thanks for the info. :)
  8. Clutchman

    Clutchman Nitro Member

    Chuck Etchells former Camaro Nitro funny car body just won at the Gatornationals last month riding atop Mickey Ferro's Ryco Hydraulics/City Carting TAFC entry...
  9. Mike

    Mike Nitro Member

    I think Epler import deal ended a couple of years ago. Lisa Kubo was her driver and when she left it seem to go away.
  10. The Counterfeiter

    The Counterfeiter Nitro Member

    I believe a saw a bit about one of these guys returning to the family business that was the only one in the Western Hemisphere that produced brass gravure printing cylinders. They are used to replicate antique wallpaper for historical building/home restorations. Pretty sure it was Chuck, but as Joker said, I'm old! - Jim
  11. Toejam

    Toejam Nitro Member

    Richard Hartman is the crewchief for Bruce Litton. Kenji Okasaki was in Vegas last fall, I believe he's doing some TV motorsports work for Japanese Television.
  12. Just Paul

    Just Paul Nitro Member

    Yeah another one of his bodys (entire car?) is on Dale Creasy Sr car also. Replace the white with yellow, and you have an instant Sunoco car!

    I always like that Sunoco car too.
  13. Turtle

    Turtle Nitro Member

    While we are on the subject of 'Where Are They Now' I was watching the old 'Shoebox Dream' video the other day and was wondering what ever happened to some of these driver & cars:
    Dave Riolo & 'Temptation'
    the Soft Seal '57 Chev
    Wayne Torkeson's T-Bird
    'Christine' Ford
    Bob Bunkers '55 Chev.
    That video sure had a lot of very tough cars in it!
    Also, did the '57 Chev Funny Car of Tom McCewen only ever make the one pass at Pomona?
  14. shooter / next of kin

    shooter / next of kin Nitro Member

    Dave Riolo is still building engines... Haven't seen him run in quite a while... But just not sure... I just know he builds a lot of motors out there though...

    Bob Bunker is still running the wheels off his car... I see him at Sac. all the time... I'm not sure how Steven Bunker who posts on here alot is related to him yet... But the Folsom Flash is alive and well... Ran very well at the last race at Sac.

    Wayne Torkelson... Here you go... * Torkelson Motorsports

    Something else you may be interested in...
    GasserMadness! Tri-Fives - part 1

    Not sure about your McEwen question... I thought he ran it more than Pomona... Just a guess though...
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  15. none

    none Nitro Member

    While the race this weekend is in Las Vegas......
    What became of Las Vegas resident Gary Clapshaw ???
    He started off in Gresham,Oregon,in 1989 he bought Kenny Bernstein's funny cars and started Fuelih Pleasure Racing. Later he switched to Top Fuel,loaning his car to Don Garlits for the U.S.Nationals.......where is he now ???
  16. mike

    mike Nitro Member


    He sold his fuel car to a racer in Australia, that's all I know
  17. farmje

    farmje Nitro Member

    I can't help it in a what happened to thread.

    What's ol' Skuza doing these days?:rolleyes:
  18. BlueStangGT

    BlueStangGT Nitro Member

  19. Joker

    Joker Nitro Member

    Tim, I believe your talking about Rob Vandergriff. He used to be one of my fav's growing up. I havent heard anything about him for years.
  20. "Big" Chris

    "Big" Chris Nitro Member

    About A Month Ago I Heard Through A Mutual Friend That Clapshaw Is Back In His Home Town Of Forest Grove, Oregon.

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