Toyota Prostock???

Discussion in 'NHRA' started by winr, Mar 4, 2007.

  1. winr

    winr Nitro Member

    Just saw this post on another site and thought I'd bring it here. Any truth to this?

    "Sorry if this is old news.
    I was told yesterday, that some Pro Sport Compact racers, the Scranton Bros, will be going NHRA Pro Stock racing this year in a Pontiac, with funding by Toyota!
    Plans are to begin a learning curve while a 500" Toyota motor is being designed, developed and approved. The switch to a Toyota body and the new motor may happen by '08, '09 at the latest.
    If Toyota is starting up with one race team, I'm sure there are others.
    If this is true, how long before the other Sportsman classes are infiltrated?"
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  2. yoda

    yoda Nitro Member

    Re: Toyoda Prostock???

    Hmmmm... Inroads already being established by Fuller and Bazemore to advance their goal of World Domination?? :p

    Hell, all Toyota has to do is sink a little more cash and R&D time into some of those Sport Compact teams, and by the time they get the OK from No Hot Rods Allowed, they'll have more on-track testing info than most of the teams out there already...
  3. Nitrohaulic

    Nitrohaulic Nitro Member

    Re: Toyoda Prostock???

    Haven't several people already tried to get in with those and Hondas with fewer cylinders and turbos? Would be TAD and AFD all over again. 500 n/a would be interesting. Would they be willing to stick with pushrods, though?
  4. ----NONE----

    ----NONE---- Nitro Member

    Re: Toyoda Prostock???

    If they can get in with 500", pushrods and carbs, then what's the problem? Diversity is always good. If Toyota is willing to spend some money in NHRA, it might not be a bad thing.
    Besides.... Greg Anderson needs a break. Maybe all his bashers will bash the Toyotas instead...:p :D Just kidding...:D
  5. Professor Dave

    Professor Dave Nitro Member

    Re: Toyoda Prostock???

    actually, I'd love to see four valves, overcams, EFI, and fewer cubic inches. But the R and D costs would be way over the top, so I don't expect that soon. You'll see it first in comp.
  6. Nitrohaulic

    Nitrohaulic Nitro Member

    Re: Toyoda Prostock???

    Sounds like trickle up techonology. :D
  7. Sean D, shondoo

    Sean D, shondoo Nitro Member

    Re: Toyoda Prostock???

    Absolutely, Gary! If they're willing to build something within the rules, then bring 'em on!

    Sean D
  8. yoda

    yoda Nitro Member

    Re: Toyoda Prostock???

    BAH!!!! Rules are for sheep!!! :D
  9. partsman

    partsman Nitro Member

    The Toyota NASCAR 358 CID engines have pushrods and a carb. Not sure if what they have now in blocks could go to 500 inches? If they want to play bring em on!
  10. Jim Gunther

    Jim Gunther Nitro Member

    Same cast iron rules as NASCAR.
    If they allowed some modern technology (Does ANY MANUFACTURER use Carbs anymore) NHRA could FINALLY be on the leading edge instead of the usual me-too deal.
  11. 4g63rwd

    4g63rwd Nitro Member

    Yep, this is old news......for some of us!;)

    Most of the Toyota Sport Compact teams have known this for a while. Both of Scranton's '06 Solaras are for sale.

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  12. jpee

    jpee Nitro Member

    Somebody correct me if I'm wrong, but I seem to think one PS team tried FI in a motor just in testing.. (on a dyno) and could not make as much HP as with carbs...

    I may be getting senile.. so don't hold me to this.. If anyone knows of ANY PS team testing FI I'd love to hear it..
  13. Demon

    Demon Nitro Member

    If any of this is true...Toyota will be allowed to make a carb'ed 500cid engine specifically for Pro Stock racing.I'm sure they will do as they did in their Neckcar engines,and use the best of all other mfgrs designs.
  14. The Counterfeiter

    The Counterfeiter Nitro Member

    DeGidio San - Ah So - Honorable Japanese concept . . . "Reverse Engineering"
    That being said, there is a lot more to P/S racing than dumping a fortune into building a 500 cfi engine. And, trying to move an SC team into PS by using Pontiacs, unless they have enough money to entice an experienced (and extremely stupid) crew chief away from a current top ten team
    Toyota is getting a very expensive lesson in NASCAR. Unless a miracle happens very quickly, all of the Toyotas will have to fight for the final six positions with 10 to 15 others cars at every race after Bristol. They are getting a payback for being convinced that Michael Waltrip could run their team. If they want to race Pro Stock, let 'em! Losing face in Japan is a bad thing - :D
  15. yoda

    yoda Nitro Member

    I'm a bit confused...:confused:

    Is GM, Chrysler or Ford building anything with a carb anymore? Even most of the crate packages have a suggested FI/ EFI induction system..

    If not, then whats the dif if Toyoya DOES build one for P/S? Personally, I think its one step back for them (even though it will involve a ton of R&D on their part to make P/S power).

    Not to suggest that P/S needs to blast lightyears into the future with FI- carburation technology is pretty darn amazing, especially in the past decade. If they can make it happen, I'll be very interested to see what bits are changed over the NASCAR motors.
  16. Toyse Jr

    Toyse Jr Nitro Member

    Was down on HP but not that far off. Acceleration was better..
    But they don't race Dyno's
  17. shooter / next of kin

    shooter / next of kin Nitro Member

    I'm sure that this is going to be compared to apples and oranges... BUT Harold Martin has had his car flying without the use of toilets for a long time... Harold Martin
  18. Mooseman

    Mooseman Nitro Member

    I've said it before and I will say it again , if the pro stock guys want fuel injection why dont they just let them use mechanical fuel injection . And at the end of the day If they follow the rules then they can't stop toyota running , but bring it on I would love to see the experianced pro-stock guys kick there butt.
  19. Demon

    Demon Nitro Member

    I going by the truck engines..which are not really different than the cup engines.As far as Toyota's deals on who they get to run their stuff...that's another story.
  20. Larry

    Larry Nitro Member

    Good luck with the engines cause as we have seen even the piston keeper pin's have to weigh to spec.
    Rules can make anyone look bad , even a experienced engine builder.

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