Some old Connecticut Dragway pics

Discussion in 'NHRA' started by cars, Aug 6, 2008.

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    Thanks for the link-alot of good pics. I was at all but the earliest one shown.
    Even recognize a few people in the back ground. Good pics of my favorite funny car-The Shark Corvette of Frank Federici. (sp?) He made Jungle look calm-would get 3/8 of a mile out of each pass. :) One time he couldnt get it into reverse-so he just gassed it + blew a donut + drove back to the line! I seem to remember the car was a convertible at one point- loved the shark fin (surf board rudder) and dark purple paint.
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    WOW...thanks for the memories...I grew up in Norwich and my friends and I were at just about every funny car,top fuel,and pro stock show during the 70's and 80's. I remember when Shirley Muldowney showed up with that mustang minus the lettering for a "get aquainted" pass as she called it.
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    I used to go there! yes we are all old. Went to lebanon valley too
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  6. rocketman

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    I was looking for Broadway Freddie. Didn't he use to race there?
  7. TooTall999

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    Frank was my second fave behind Jungle,I have an old slide of Frank in the convertible,doing a burnout,with one fist in the air.I also remember him driving the car up the return road,chures dragging,and shutting it off right in front of the bleachers as he coasted the rest of the way.Great memories of the golden era of funny car.
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    Very cool pics. Thanks for the link!
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    When did that Track close?
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    Yea--he had run up there. There would be a "SUNDAY SUNDAY!" show about once a month-only time the funny cars would show up--with the possible exception of maybe King +Marshall or Tasca. Quickest car i can remember showing up for a normal show on a regular basis would be Terrenzo bros. "Italian Way" AA/A.
    Of the above 3-"where are they now?"
    Terrenzos-i think the kids are running a alky funny car
    Tasca--we all know that one.
    King OR Marshall ( cant remember which) runs a drag strip--in Aruba! :D

    Winter project ( I promise) I 'll dig out my old pics- I assisted the 2 track photographers-so had a camera going all day long.
  11. sdwarf36

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    Last season was 1984.
  12. fifty50

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    Great shots, wonder what's going on in the picture though with the blue camaro with the black vinyl top launching wheels up with two cars on the track ahead ??
  13. Toejam

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    Anything left of the facility? Or is it completely developed?
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    The link in post #5 shows the track as it exists today, it is ready to rock and roll. CSP may still use it for training on occasion, consumer reports uses it frequently and maintains it very nicely.
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    Zoom lens playing tricks on you. I would say its a dry hop--with cars at about 1/2 track. the line is about 30 ft ahead.
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    Great pics there, 7 of them are Was a great place to be on Sundays!!! Here is a link to my pics, even a few thrown in from New England Dragway!! Photos
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    That is awesome..blast from the past..and Man..was that all good or what?

    Jeez..Shark, Jungle, Chadwick, Brutus, Connie, Sneden, Dickie Harrell, Damn Yankee..LOL..and the HILLS BROTHERS..good grief..I have a model of their Willy's from the AA/GAS days.

    That is keeper stuff..oh and Mike..nice to see a few of yours used eh?

    Also thanks for your link as a matter of fact, Mike..what a great inventory and very well displayed..I am impressed..thank you.
  18. sdwarf36

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    And i figured they were from Jon Graves + Clay Taylor. :)

    Here's one of your pics of an interesting car. The Rail-spliter as it was called. I doubt it was really NHRA legal due to the wheelbase-used to match race dragsters with it.
    Community Albums Full Image View

    Trivia time--who did the 1st 200mph pass?
  19. fifty50

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    Awesome stuff Mike. Oh how I long for those days...........
  20. StockersRock

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    Keep it up guys - best thread ever! My father raced at Connecticut and I've heard all the stories of all these cars. While I'm happy with the age I'm at, a little bit older would be ok if I'd have gotten to witness some of this. Great stuff!

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