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Discussion in 'NHRA' started by ch3no282, May 18, 2012.

  1. ch3no282

    ch3no282 Nitro Member

    Im freaking out a little bit right now! I just got a call from the casting agency and I've been invited to the set on Monday!!! A NITROMATER will be on set of the Snake and Mongoose Movie Monday!!! WOO HOO!!! Im so excited to be a part of this huge event! FAMOSO HERE I COME!!!
  2. Nick Name

    Nick Name Nitro Member

    Why would you freak out?
  3. ch3no282

    ch3no282 Nitro Member

    Why wouldn't I? To be a part of a feature film telling the story of Drag Racing's greatest rivalry? Snake and 'Goose? Who wouldn't be excited.
  4. You!

    You! Nitro Member

    What is the purpose of your visit?
  5. rckymtn3

    rckymtn3 Nitro Member

    I understand it's a low-budget independent project, with what looks like the blessings of both namesakes, so let us know if the Snake let them use the ramp trucks and funny cars, or like the "teasers", it's basically crockett and tubbs in street cars.... still wondering how they'll pull off such a huge undertaking and make it look "period correct"....there's only so much CGI ($$) one can do before you have to actually put some period correct cars in the pits and on the guess is you're in the stands, perhaps around the pits murmuring "peas and carrots, peas and carrots"....and I get enough of that watching typical Americans getting all googly when a tv camera appears and they walk back and forth waving a sign, or surreptitiously selling stocks on their phone behind the interview....fifteen minutes of fame has become more important than space exploration...(sorry, the soapbox is automatic....I need to watch that more carefully)

    I am all for drag racing being back on the big screen, but without big studio backing, it's probably a straight to dvd movie...nothing wrong with that, but without the cars, there's no do let us know...and save freaking out for a speaking role that pays $$.... :) have fun....and bring your SAG card...everyone I know has one...
  6. Toejam

    Toejam Nitro Member

    Stand-in or Extra maybe?
  7. Dry Hop Doc

    Dry Hop Doc Nitro Member

    Man, some of you guys should get a SAG card in harshing other people's bliss.

    Seriously. Professional level sniping here. Sheesh.

    If you want to rag on something, rag on the NHRA.

    So, open fire, gentlemen ... I can take it.
  8. cdag

    cdag Nitro Member

    X2...Life's too damn short to not do something fun now and again...
    Whatever happens there Brian, it should be a cool experience! Have a blast! :D
  9. You!

    You! Nitro Member

    I was asking a serious question.

    Speaking role, stand in, background crowd, cleaning pot-a-potties?

    I'm sorry if Brian is an accomplished actor if that is the case. I meant no disrespect, he was just pretty vague in why he was asked to attend.
  10. rckymtn3

    rckymtn3 Nitro Member payment....and I think you're the one that's too sensitive here....honestly, I see a guy who asks "why freak out?" One guy asks "what will you be doing?" and I ask "Tell us if there's any cars there"'s Southern California, and I promise you, everyone I know has a SAG card...and if you freak out, they'll ask you to leave the set....nothing causes more directors to pull their hair out than extras that can't help themselves and sneak a look into the camera, or worse,, honestly, I didn't feel the same vibe you did....all my persnickety questions were wanting to know about the level of the production....though I put my mittens on for this post

    ps.....anyone annoyed by the peer pressure applied to Mike Dunn for not "twittering", do Like I do, and substitute the word "twitter" for "wear high heels".....the whole qualifying show was everyone repeatedly doggin' Dunn for not wearing high heels....
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  11. Raconteur

    Raconteur Nitro Member

    The budget is $2.5 million, the restored ramp trucks, Cuda and Duster are being used. Pretty good script, the guy who plays Snake is an incredible double for a young Don Prudhomme.

    There is no budget for CGI, no budget.

    Unfortunately, the shooting at Famoso changed radically last week. Much of the racing footage will come from the NHRA video & film library, ABC Wide World of Sports, Diamond P shows.
  12. Dry Hop Doc

    Dry Hop Doc Nitro Member

    Hey, RMtn ... stream of consciousness barfings and overuse of ellipses does not a wry pundit make. You're skating on the fine edge of troll-ville and you know it.

    Plus you're digging it way too much.

    See, the idea here is to try and make friends. Not p*ss on anyone within distance of your flaccidity, and then act surprised when you get a reaction.

  13. Toejam

    Toejam Nitro Member

    Just $2.5 Mil? That is scraps when it comes to a movie, and I was under the Impression this was going to be a First rate deal!
  14. Raconteur

    Raconteur Nitro Member

    Yes, just $2.5 million dollars to shoot it.
  15. Heavyhauler

    Heavyhauler Nitro Member

    Can't wait to see who is cast as Weasel, and hope they due Lynn justice as the backbone of Snake Racing
  16. Brian congrats, should be a very interesting and fun thing. Please keep us posted as to how it goes. I'm really looking forward to the movie, it's been a long time. Good luck & enjoy. :cool:
  17. Wayne

    Wayne Nitro Member

    Brian: that is fantastic!! Congrats!!! :D :D :D

    I've been following the progress of the project and am totally excited!!!

    Mike: just saw the other day who is playing Lynn and I believe she's like the two leads; not a rookie and is in a regular TV show.
    If ya do fb, check out Snake & Mongoose Movie.

    Anyone got a broom to sweep out the trolls that have invaded Mater recently???
  18. Raconteur

    Raconteur Nitro Member

    And currently Ron Capps is scheduled to play Lou Baney and actor Fred Dryer was recently added to the cast.
  19. Wayne

    Wayne Nitro Member

    Thx Darr! Thought Ron was involved; didn't know about Dryer!!!

    :cool: :cool: :cool:
  20. Raconteur

    Raconteur Nitro Member

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