Pro Stock: NHRA vs IHRA

Discussion in 'NHRA' started by rollemup, Sep 1, 2006.

  1. rollemup

    rollemup Nitro Member

    ........ok Maters, I was checking out drag race central's website and noticed that the Pro Stock cars go faster and have quicker et's in IHRA than they do vs NHRA, can someone explain to me why that is, thank you very much :eek: :eek:
  2. CrewGuy

    CrewGuy Nitro Member

    Cubic Inches
  3. Ken

    Ken Nitro Member

    IHRA allows "mountain motors" in their pro stocks - 800 cubic inch range. NHRA limits their engine size to 500 cubic inches.
  4. Triple Nickel II

    Triple Nickel II Nitro Member

  5. Joker

    Joker Nitro Member

    Not a knock against IHRA, but NHRA is alot harder to compete in. 500 cubic inches max in NHRA, and I am not sure what IHRA 800 cubic inch mountain motors? Something like that.
  6. .

    . Nitro Member

    I like the NHRA PS cars but those IHRA cars are just badass! Nothing like hearing that gigantic engine just grunting like no tomorrow. The 500 inch cars sound wimpy in comparison. :D
  7. -

    - Nitro Member

    Pound per cube, the perfomance of NHRA 500 cars have very little comparison in the aspirated arena.
    Having said that, there is no doubt the sound of a big cube engine is awesome.
    Thanks JP:D
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  8. d'kid

    d'kid Nitro Member

    Ya'll know, I think the class is called Pro Stock... Maybe it should be called Pro Carb Gas... or GAS FUNNY CAR... ya can't buy any of these car with even a stock version of the motors they run, or anything else, they are are A/FX car which became AA/FC... call a spade a shovel and be real... Pro Stock should be Pro Factory Experiment... and screw CID, how big can you poke a factory parts department available block/crank/ head combo

    I'm a child of the fifties and sixties... Ya can't bear Cubic Inches :eek:
    I think the IHRA went the right direction with PS
  9. Nazgul

    Nazgul Nitro Member

    Same here, plus I love seeing all those Mustangs.:)
  10. rollemup

    rollemup Nitro Member

    ..........thanks Maters, you guys rock :cool:
  11. Tiggy

    Tiggy Nitro Member

    Steve Spiess was testing at one of the ET races at RT 66 in July. When he went to run, that had everyone's attention. Lucky enough we were far enough back in the staging lanes, I was able to run up to see the second of his 3 test runs(ran a 6.45 I believe) Yeah.... that's a badass motor. Alot of people drooling saying "I'd like to have the cash to have one of those"
  12. .

    . Nitro Member

    I could do without all those. ;)
  13. Nazgul

    Nazgul Nitro Member

    :) I'll give you that, I know that there are a very select few out there who aren't Mustang fans. But you must know that Mustangs look better than Cobalts or the current Mopars going down the quarter mile....(the only execption is Kurt Johnson's Cobalt).:D ;)
  14. Nazgul

    Nazgul Nitro Member

    Actually I like the Mopars in NHRA prostock trim... but they're still not Mustangs.;)
  15. JL

    JL Nitro Member

    What could Warren, Cagnazzi or I guess GA do with 824-840 ci's?
  16. cars

    cars Nitro Member

    They would make them run in the five second zone!!!!
  17. T.Smith

    T.Smith Nitro Member

    I doubt it.
  18. Ron

    Ron Nitro Member

    Nothing more than they are doing now. Traction is a big problem with limited wheelbase door slammers.
  19. Hiproger

    Hiproger Nitro Member

    The big motors are less efficient but I'd probably stay in the stands to watch them. They are definitely a different animal. For me the NHRA Pro Stocks are a big yawn. I like the technical side of them but you can't see that part when they're running down the strip.:D
    There was a thread here on the Mater a while back, after Greg Anderson started dominating the class, about the tech side of P/S & it was one of the best that ever ran here. Wish someone would start another. But as I said you can't see that part when they run down the strip. As always, just my $.02..........."HIP"
  20. jpee

    jpee Nitro Member

    You are 100% correct... if you check, you will find that most (not all) comp Eliminator cars with small block Bow Tie motors (290ci) make more HP per CI than the pro Stockers.. I know about 10 yrs ago a Comp racer with a D/A had a 290 ci motor & it dyno'd at 721 hp that is about 2.4 HP per CI.. that about what PS 500 motors are making now,, however in the past 10 yr I bet they can get more than 721 hp from a 290 ci motor..

    And the BIGGER the motor the less HP you will get per CI..

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