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Discussion in 'NHRA' started by Ugly one, Jun 20, 2008.

  1. Ugly one

    Ugly one Nitro Member

    We all have favorite....drivers, cars, crew chiefs, etc. What about places to stop at on those long road trips and grab a bite to eat. NO McD's or BK, I'm talking the places to DIE for, real comfort food. Ribs, chicken, steaks lots a sauce, butter and all the fixings. You know the places......where your arteries start clogging 5 miles before the offramp.:D
  2. The Counterfeiter

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    Re: To DIE for

    Interstate BBQ in Memphis!!! Make sure you park your car where you can watch it - :eek:
  3. ProNitro Pete

    ProNitro Pete Nitro Member

    Re: To DIE for

    I new you would be one of the first to post gastro intestinal bliss food.:D
  4. DrRocket

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    Re: To DIE for

    Arthur Bryant's in K.C. Mo, on your way to Topeka. It's not everyones' cup of tea, because it's not cheap everyday sweet BBQ either. It's been there for a long time,and they know what they're doing.
  5. rollingthunder

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    Re: To DIE for

    texas roadhouse in bristol tn good food and alot of nice eye candy to serve you.
  6. BF

    BF Nitro Member

    Re: To DIE for

    Neimergs (spelling ?) just off the interstate in Effingham, IL. We try to stop there every time we go to INDY. Steak and shrimp....mmmmmmmmmmm!
  7. G'ginna

    G'ginna Nitro Member

    Re: To DIE for

    There was this little BBQ joint as you were leaving Baytown, headed north toward Mt Bellview. Don't even remember the name of the place... total YUM!
  8. tomcat

    tomcat Nitro Member

    Re: To DIE for

    The Country Tavern in Kilgore, TX serves the best plate of ribs known to man. We ate there a lot when we were running brackets in Hallsville (RIP). If you are within 100 miles of there, it is a must stop.
  9. .

    . Nitro Member

    Re: To DIE for

    The Dutch Oven. Pella Iowa.

    Pizza, onion rings and beer.

    I (and Rapid Baker) used to stop there almost every Saturday night during the summer
    Lots of racers there.
    Moats, Dave Shafer, VanZee, Even seen Animal Jim and John Hagan there.

    Used to be the best damn place to bench race in the midwest.
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  10. G'ginna

    G'ginna Nitro Member

    Re: To DIE for

    And you know... When I lived in Taos... A trip to Pizza Emergency and Esky's Brew Pub for Wanda's Wicked Wheat usually made for a great evening! I should ask Carlie if they are all still there. Mante's Chow Cart (no longer a cart) made the BEST breakfast burritos. Oh man, I am missing that baaaad right about now.
  11. rick

    rick Nitro Member

    Re: To DIE for

    My vote is for the Brown Derby Roadhouse in in Milan (sandusky) Ohio right outside of Norwalk. It is a must visit for me every time I go to Norwalk. I have had chicken and their steak there and it is tremendous.
  12. Mike

    Mike Nitro Member

    Re: To DIE for

    Highway 58 between Bakersfield and the 15 in the very little town of Keene. Killer breakfest. Oh, its the only place there. Kinda hard to miss.
  13. slicky

    slicky Nitro Member

    Re: To DIE for

    Pomona , CA . Outside the fairgrounds and almost right behind tower . El Merendero . Some of the best mexican food ever . They also serve american style breakfast that could make a country boy mad at his momma . They open early , to go or eat in . There is a liquor store right next door that is very NHRA fan friendly .
  14. Fueler32

    Fueler32 Nitro Member

    Re: To DIE for

    Varsity Hot Dogs in Athens,Ga, During the Southern Nationals, Its a Must for everyone, Chili Dogs that Buster swore by, Buster would go in ther and order 12 Chili dogs and a Varsity Orange drink or Chocolate Milk,
  15. Tim5636sc

    Tim5636sc Nitro Member

    Re: To DIE for

    Ding...Ding..Ding.... We have a top 5 contender here!!!;)

    However.... We also have one from Jimmy.... and Ironically it's "JIM'S INTERSTATE BBQ" in memphis. Having gone there for training for my company on several occasions, I'd say that BIG JIM'S Interstate is in the top 3 of BBQ Joints in Memphis... Gonna have to go with the "COMISARRY" for the WET RIBS, and the Classic "RONDEVOUZ" for the Dry Variety!!! :D


    Haven't found that MECA yet in Denver.... but I'm sure I can rustle up some ROCKY MOUNTAIN OYSTERS for ya'll!:eek:
  16. none

    none Nitro Member

    Re: To DIE for

    It`s definitely El Merenderos EVERY time I go to Pomona...I have to go there every February and November. Best breakfast burritos ever and the carne asadas after the race are a must!
    Gotta put Saltys at Redondo at the top of the list too whenever we go to Seattle. The Alaskan king crab legs (with horseradish mashed potatoes and asparugus spears) are incredible. You ain`t had king crab legs `til you`ve had `em in Seattle. The patio seating overlooking Puget Sound just adds to the experience!
  17. Jim Gunther

    Jim Gunther Nitro Member

    Re: To DIE for

    Just Friday night, I had some of the best Mac & Cheese EVER, at Planque-"something" Diner on Route 9 going North immediately befote the NJ Turnpike entrance. Great cheese baked in and, then, a tarp-o-cheese covering the entire dish. YUM!:eek:
  18. Larry

    Larry Nitro Member

    Re: To DIE for

    Currently till Susie reminds me of where that BBQ eatery in HEB Tx. and me and Mr. Dunlap check it out I would guess it would be the Blue Moon Cafe in Deleon Tx. then the Hwy 6 cafe in Deleon Tx. and for seafood , where else Tony's Seafood in Baton Rouge La. on Plank Rd.
    :: Tony's Live Seafood & Deli::

    Texas Cafe burnt down in Cameron Tex. and the Family owned and operated Smorgasbord in Belton Tx. [ where they had to super size the sewer system] closed years ago.

    I think that place is where I started going astray with the belt line.
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  19. Reese

    Reese Nitro Member

    Thanks for changing the title of this thread.

    T.J. Ribs in Baton Rouge off of Interstate 10 exit Acadian Thruway.
  20. Nitrohaulic

    Nitrohaulic Nitro Member

    What Larry said about Tony's above. There is a shopping center across the street you can get a tractor trailer in. Point at a catfish, tell them how you want it cooked, finish your shopping, pick it up at the other end.

    Also, Brown's 100 foot buffet in Benton, Arkansas. I-30, exit #118 on the west bound service road. An old closed down fuel stop is nextdoor with plenty of room for truck parking, often under the canopy out of the sun.

    YouTube - Brown's Country Restaurant in Benton, AR...simply FANtastic!
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