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Discussion in 'NHRA' started by bottom end, Aug 25, 2011.

  1. bottom end

    bottom end Nitro Member

    I got some amazing news today, I'm going to be a contestant on the tv show Pass Time!

    OMG I'm so jazzed up right now my head is spinning, that is too cool.

    The show is taping at the drag strip in Milan Mi. on Sept 11th.
    Kind of interesting my first race ever with Bob Bode was at this same drag strip in 2006.

    For those that never watched the show here's a link
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  2. Congrats and good luck. :cool::D
  3. DrRocket

    DrRocket Nitro Member

    Way cool, Mike! I watch the show all the time. I have a season pass for it on my Tivo!!

    Any idea when the episode will air?
  4. TF CREW

    TF CREW Nitro Member

    sorry Mike Since we were pitted right next to each other in Brainerd I should have come over and said Hi.
  5. Toejam

    Toejam Nitro Member

    What does your car run Mike??
  6. I think by "contestant" he means he will be on stage, guessing the ET's of all the cars.
    Participant is the folks that volunteer to make a pass.
    I may be wrong....
  7. PJ

    PJ Staff Member Nitro Member

    thats cool, I keep trying to get on Pass time too.

  8. bottom end

    bottom end Nitro Member


    That's right Paul I'm going to be guessing the times, not driving a car.
    Not sure when the episode will air yet.

    My wife and I watch the show a lot, I remember she nailed one exactly down to the hundreth. Pretty good considering she knows basically nothing about cars. She'll look at the car and say "ok it has a parachute and a wheelie bar thingy, 8.52"
  9. Good luck Mike , and be sure to let us know the air date when you get it.
  10. DrRocket

    DrRocket Nitro Member

    And remember to ask if they're running nitrous......
  11. The Swegian

    The Swegian Nitro Member

    Case o' beer on me Mike if you say that word (thingy) on air.
  12. Butch

    Butch Nitro Member

    You need to have a Nitro/ hat or shirt on.
  13. bottom end

    bottom end Nitro Member

    We're laughing out loud right now, too funny.

    They said NO logo shirts of any kind on the show. I'd wear a Bode shirt if anything but I don't know if they'll let me.
  14. Reese

    Reese Nitro Member

    Yea they don't like logo's on racers or contestants. It is better to be a contestant than a racer. We sat around 3 days for 5 minutes on the show. I felt bad for the 100 or so other racers that did not make it. Don't get me wrong, it was fun watching my friend getting filmed but to wait around for 3 days and don't get picked, they had a lot of pissed off racers.
  15. Super Mod

    Super Mod Nitro Member

    Just remember when Brett asks you THE question...the answer is "the burnouts never lie!"

    sidebar-Is it any wonder why Paige Simpson has 4993 "friends" on Facebook?:D
  16. bottom end

    bottom end Nitro Member

    The burnouts never lie! I've heard that a few times on the show,
    it's true...
    Yes Paige is quite the hottie :)
  17. bottom end

    bottom end Nitro Member

    Feel free to throw some ideas at me, questions you'd ask, things to look for on the car ect...

    I could always use some pointers to sharpen up the skills
  18. Rajunz

    Rajunz Nitro Member

    That is so awesome Mike.
    I applied 3 years ago and just this past March they contacted me to possibly be on the show at No Problem Raceway, New Orleans. Emails went back and forth, but I didn't make the final cut. However just this week I understand why, the episode aired and Richie Stevens was their local contestant, which was quite awesome in it's own way. Richie Stevens rocked.

    All that I can say is that you will be my hero if you can kick Ken Herring's Azzzz.................even more so if you can kiss Paige Simpson on the cheek on National TV you will be a...........:D
  19. DrRocket

    DrRocket Nitro Member

    Good luck on that. She's pretty smooth. Remember that Jr Digger driver who tried to put his arm around her waist? That didn't last too long.
  20. Nemo

    Nemo Nitro Member

    So how do they go about filming the show? Who do they pick the cars that run? Do they film it during the week (so they dont interupt the normal racing) they come in early and scout the cars making passes to pick the cars? Watch the show all the time and wonder how the whole thing goes down.

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