NASCAR is seeing decreases in fans attendance- is NHRA far behind?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by T-Bone, Jun 30, 2008.

  1. T-Bone

    T-Bone Nitro Member

  2. PJ

    PJ Staff Member Nitro Member

    I would expect that they will be down and unlike last year I wont be able to blame it all on the countdown :D:p

    With the price of gas getting so high and with it every other cost has gone up. Unless the event is right in your town the budget may not allow for such events.

    Many places have been cutting deals, hotels are getting cheaper or give some type of deal to entice you. While I would love nhra to drop ticket cost I don't see how they could with the mass exspense they have with all the equipment they need to send to each race.
  3. Andy

    Andy Nitro Member

    Oh, I expect it to hurt NHRA soon.

    I've already given up an IndyCar race and 2 NASCAR races due to gas prices.
  4. magnethead794

    magnethead794 Nitro Member

    I'm with andy. The last 2 years we had season tickets from a friend at Texas motor speedway, plus we went to the Ennis race last year.

    I work at a grocery store sacking groceries (i'm 18), and between complaints of high fuel and complaints of high food cost, some people say they can't afford both. And I believe them. Who it hurts most or the people on social security, which makes up about 1/4-1/3 of our customers.
  5. Paul

    Paul Staff Member Nitro Member

    So far, so good for me. Has the high energy prices effected me, sure, I am not saving as much money as I was prior to start my TF team:D (or kid's college fund). I will be in Joliet in less then 2 weeks for the night Nascar race.
  6. paoldtimer

    paoldtimer Nitro Member

    If you've been watching NASCAR on television you can see the empty seats. Next year it will be more obvious since tickets are bought/renewed year to year.
    If I wouldn't have put out quite a bit of money already, I would've cancelled my trip to US Nationals this year...but we already have the plane tickets, race tickets, hotel and car reservations. Now I need the part-time job to pay for the gas for the rental car. :D

    Already have the tickets for Dover (Renewed every year - this may be the last) at Pocono and Maple Grove so don't have to pay to go there.
  7. Andy

    Andy Nitro Member

    Fortunately, I'll probably be getting media passes to Dover this year for the fall race. The oil crisis has hit us really hard here in Southern Maryland. The government stopped regulating electricity, and home energy prices are higher in MD than anywhere else on the east coast.

    When it comes to gas prices, oh believe me, I know I'm getting screwed and it don't even feel good.:mad:
  8. PJ

    PJ Staff Member Nitro Member

    YEAH but you'll be able to meet me there so it will be worht the trip lol:D
  9. Andy

    Andy Nitro Member

    I take it you're not a big fan of the Countdown?;)
  10. PJ

    PJ Staff Member Nitro Member

    not even a little :)
  11. Bullard Anderson

    Bullard Anderson Nitro Member

    I can't even sit on my couch and watch the circle boys anymore unless it's Daytona, Talladega or Bristol or a night race. WHY in heck would I spend $$$.

    I think the percentages of fan loss in the stands will be lower for the NHRA. I believe many, many more fans in the stands from the NHRA make up a local aspect than NASCAR.

    At this point in my life my $$$ are spent going to Bristol, Atlanta, Charlotte NHRA events, and UVA home game weekends in Charlottesville.

    I bought great top of the tower seats for Talladega in 1995. It was great. After Earnhardt passed we went once in 2003 and that was it. I held onto the seats at $240 total because I felt I would have a change of heart. Finally this year I realized it's no use.
  12. paoldtimer

    paoldtimer Nitro Member

    Oh,no! Don't get PJ started about the Countdown..we've just settled him down :D

    And PJ I guess meeting you will be worth the price of the trip!!
  13. T-Bone

    T-Bone Nitro Member

    I've given up on Vegas I & II and Winters..may make the Finals. Definitely will be in Sonoma (already got tix and hotel) but with prices the way they are for travel etc..Sonoma may be it for a while. Unless of course some team wants to hire me and I'll be at every race :D

  14. "Chuck"

    "Chuck" Nitro Member

    no matter how bad things get, racing will never die in this country. Either NHRA or NASCAR...its all in our blood one way or another.
  15. Paul

    Paul Staff Member Nitro Member

    I can tell you first hand, the attendance in Joliet for the Nascar race was not down, in fact I could not see an open seat anywhere.
  16. d'kid

    d'kid Nitro Member

    gas price has taken a dump here the last week.. 3.45 a gallon for reg this morning...

  17. gerrymack

    gerrymack Nitro Member

    $3.45 a gallon is good, here in Oz it's about US$4.85 a gallon!

    Actually, make that $5.05 a gallon ... just got the latest on the exchange rate!
  18. Bullard Anderson

    Bullard Anderson Nitro Member

    With FBall season in 2 weeks.....Goodbye NASCAR viewership at my casa.
  19. Rich

    Rich Nitro Member

    I quite following and watching NFL football years ago so the upcoming season will have no affect on racing viewership in my household. But gas prices have certainly affected my attendance plans even though we have no major NASCAR track or race in the region where I live. However, I was planning to attend the Gold Cup sprint car race in Chico, California but finally decided that the fuel costs to make the drive just didn't fit my budget. This year I'll only attend the two World of Outlaws race at our local dirt track as well as the one at Elma, about 150 miles from here.
  20. T.Smith

    T.Smith Nitro Member

    Yesterday I was checking flights for the 2009 Winternationals...$570...ouch! Thankfully I have a coupon for United Airlines and have a free rental coming from Hertz.

    Flights to Memphis in September are $370.

    Gas in the Chi. is still holding strong at $4.00+ a gallon.
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