Maskin and Martino part ways.......

Discussion in 'NHRA' started by codeini, Apr 5, 2007.

  1. codeini

    codeini Nitro Member

  2. Johnny Mopar

    Johnny Mopar Nitro Member

    Let's get Tom back in a Dodge! Something about "Tommy Mopar Mantino" has a dandy ring to it!
  3. Bullet

    Bullet Nitro Member

    WOW! That was short and sweet!!

    Can ANYBODY get along with Dick Maskin?..... or should that be Can Dick Maskin get along with ANYBODY?
  4. BlueStangGT

    BlueStangGT Nitro Member

    Hmmm... funny thing, I was just thinking that Tom would probably be a great asset to Jim Cunningham's operation. He could conceivably end up being Tom "Mustang" Martino at some point.

  5. Johnny Mopar

    Johnny Mopar Nitro Member

    Personally, I think the 'Mopar' nickname rolls off the tongue a little better ;) . Either way, if he has the horses under him, he can run with the best of the evidenced by his win in Larry Morgan's backup car last year. That was a one shot deal that was a home run.
  6. JL

    JL Nitro Member

    I don't care where he ends up, just that he ends up somewhere soon. Best of luck Tommy!
  7. ----NONE----

    ----NONE---- Nitro Member

    Man.... That's too bad for Tom Martino. I sure would like to see him get a full time gig. I guess when Richard Maskin puts out a press release denying something, the axe is gonna drop?
  8. john

    john Nitro Member

    John, I had a dream last night, Tommy in LMR's second car and big Bob back at the ranch puffin' up a storm in the dyno room.:)

    I can dream can't I?
  9. Johnny Mopar

    Johnny Mopar Nitro Member

    That would be pretty cool...but that's a pretty slippery slope you propose. I seem to remember Bob having problems with both of those guys. Buuut....if they could agree to get along, that would be one honkin' HEMI!
  10. afx421

    afx421 Nitro Member

    peronally i hope he stays tom "poncho" martino :D :D
  11. shooter / next of kin

    shooter / next of kin Nitro Member

    I thought his name was Ricky Bobby?? :confused: What does that even mean?? Never saw the movie...:rolleyes:
  12. Johnny Mopar

    Johnny Mopar Nitro Member

    Bring back the 'War Chief'... ;)
  13. JL

    JL Nitro Member

    Scoop's (Rob Geiger) story pulled

    Scoop had a great write-up on the deal and the money issue and it was pulled. So much for honosty. i think if too much truth gets told on, someone gets their hand slapped. It is an editorial column!
  14. squid

    squid Nitro Member

    It's all about the $$$$$$$$$$:mad: :mad: :mad:
  15. D

    D Nitro Member

    This sucks, I hope the "Troublemaker" Tom Martino gets another full time gig. For the record he won Gainesville in V's backup car and runnered up at Pomona in Larry's car.

  16. Rob

    Rob Nitro Member

    Hey Justin...that was a content management issue and the system reverted back to an older version. It's fixed now...

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