Maricopa County wants Speedworld closed - today

Discussion in 'NHRA' started by The Counterfeiter, Jun 15, 2012.

  1. The Counterfeiter

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    AZ Republic and Channel 10 news reporting County is citing numerous permit violations. This would be a huge blow to lots of racers in NW Phoenix.
    And . . . if the now double whammy possibility of Firebird also closing does happen, this would be a disaster for racers and the performance industry in the area. Wow.
  2. Nick Name

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    Racers need to contact the governor. Many of the racers both in AZ and around the country support her. She needs to know this now.
  3. Toejam

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    If the racers would actually get involved, instead of crying cause another track is closing. Maybe we could save some tracks! I'm curious how many racers/ fans show up at these City council hearings when they make these decisions? I bet in many cases it's very few! Too many racers unfortunately are all to willing to let these Environmental wacko's kill this sport, and then wonder what happened to all the tracks? Amazing....:rolleyes:
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  5. none

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    Do you every say anything positive? I have been to a few of those meetings and every one has been standing room only. In one case in Tucson, they relocated the meeting because they needed more space for us.

    When's the last time you went to one?

  6. Nunz

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    If I read correctly,this seems like something that can be worked out. I've been to that track, and really enjoyed it, it had a real fun, laid-back atmosphere. Don't know if it's still this way, but in '97, they had a little restaurant practically next to the starting line!
  7. sdwarf36

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    As someone who has gone to these kind of town meetings,( for noise complaints from the old Ct dragway-where I was pretty much the only town res. that raced there) if you ain't a resident and registered voter of the town, you are just taking up space.
  8. rckymtn3

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  9. Toejam

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    Well do you think they may be the reason Tucson still has a track? Standing Room only in a lot of these towns might mean some tracks could be saved, agreed?

    And what can anybody say that is positive about Tracks closing?
  10. Silly Savage

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    Last week I heard of a group pushing for a drag strip near Lake Havasu:

    Welcome to Localism
  11. Old Guy Rookie

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    Yes, a little burger/hotdog/nacho kind of thing.
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    I signed it and posted it on Facebook.

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