Larry Minor Indicted

Discussion in 'NHRA' started by racer, Feb 15, 2011.

  1. racer

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    Former drag racer "Potato Baron' James "Larry" Minor has been indicted on charges that he laundered tens of thousands of dollars in campaign funds to the failed state Senate campaign of Riverside County (California) Supervisor Jeff Stone.

    Minor was charged by the state attorney general's office with conspiracy to violate the state Political Reform Act by donating money under a false name, committing perjury and filing a false document. The indictment was handed down by the grand jury in December and announced this afternoon. He is set to appear in a Riverside, CA. courtroom Wednesday (2/16) for arraignment. He is accused of illegally donating $40,000 under his familly members' names, including his son, daughter, son-in-law and daughters-in-law. He also made donations under the names of friends and business associates, according to the indictment.

    It's too bad. Larry was a great drag racer and has continued to support some racers since he left drag racing. It will be interested what the end result here is.

    Larry and family operates the Agri-Empire Corp. in San Jacinto (California), which ships millions of potatoes to fast food restaurants and supermarkets nationwide. He is considered to be the largest potato grower in the US.

    Information for this comes from the Inland Empire newspaper the Press-Interprise and can be found on
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  2. Just Paul

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    Eh... I read the entire article.. No big deal really. Yeah he lied about where the money came from (his own money he gave away, he didn't steal it) but it's not like some others out there.
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  3. rocketman

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    As long as he hid the money in a freezer in his garage it should be no big deal.
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  4. mick

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    $40k.....are you kidding me? why is this even a story.
    bigger fish to fry than this.
  5. mw6789

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    Sounds politically motivated by someone with an ax to grind.
  6. clwill

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    I'm betting J. R. Simplot in Boise would argue that :)
  7. Toejam

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    I thought this was about the other Larry Minor! Lol
  8. racer

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    I agree that when you are a multi-multi millionaire $40k is nothing. But when you are trying to control the politicians in a particular area (Riverside County) as he tried to do with Jeff Stone, who is a scumbag, it is illegal in CA. The max contribution you can make is $3,500 and the law is the law, you break it you pay. Political contributions are a very closely watched item in California as numerous individuals & companies have tried to control the outcome of elections for their benefit.
    As far as Agri-Industries being bigger or smaller than J.R.Simplot no one will ever know as they are both privately owned family corporations. If you ask the agricultural folks in the industry they will all say Agri is biggest. California is the largest agricultural state in the country.
    Larry has had previous run in's with other govt agencies and unfortunately when you are as big as Agri is and is also in a small community (Hemet, CA) you come under the spotlight all the time. Agri-Industries is very big, and visible in the area so they are an easy target.
    The fine involved is pocket change to Larry but the 4 years in jail is not.
    Hope everything goes OK for Larry as they do contribute a lot to the area and Larry is a nice guy who helps a lot of people
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  9. George.

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    Politics as usual.
    Bet on the wrong horse, and the winning horse makes you pay....
  10. mike

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    ya think?...the California AG's office is all about politics :mad:
  11. mw6789

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    Along with every other state in the union.
  12. .

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  13. Muddy

    Muddy Nitro Member

    So he can try to buy elections and it's ok but those other guys who sold fuel and mortgages are criminals?
  14. None

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    I would bet some in Oregon and Washington could buy and sell Minor also.
  15. .

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    You really don't see the difference?

    And Ashley and Knoll can no longer sell their wares.
  16. racer

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    Changing the subject. The recent pictures I have seen of larry don't look like the Larry Minor of a few years ago. He looks like he is ill.
    Does anyone know anything about Larry's health - is he OK or does he have some illness?
  17. Muddy

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    Didn't say Ashley and Knoll wern't criminals but I can think of only a few non-violent crimes that have worse implications than attempting to buy an election.
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  18. Taunsie

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    Give me a break, Jerry Brown as AG went after every Republican he could regarding political contributions, especially those that were effective. Imagine how much Minor pays just in property taxes and employess thousands, yea he is the guy to go after. The liberal, especially in Hollywood, do exactly the same thing in profiding funds to the left and the AG office looks the other way. Just another example of selective procecution. Larry has the ability to minimize this , but in the future he will not support the candidates that are trying to fix this California mess , some of which was created by Jerry Brown himself in his prior governorship. We need more Larry Minors and less Jerry Browns
  19. Silly Savage

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    zzzz zzzzz zzzzzzz
  20. Muddy

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    That's like saying we need more illegal aliens. If you break the law you need to go to jail. We need honest people not anyone who breaks the law in an effort to manipulate the system for their own personal interest.

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