John Force and St. Louis

Discussion in 'NHRA' started by Bobby Bennett, Sep 26, 2012.

  1. Bobby Bennett

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  2. mw6789

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    One of the many reasons I admire Force is that he never forgot where he came from.
  3. Nitro Mustang

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    Great story Bobby, thanks for posting. I'm originally from St. Louis, moved to Tampa in 1995. I used to go to Gateway when it was an IHRA track and wasn't the best of facilities :) I haven't been back to Gateway IR since I left St. Louis, but will be there for qualifying on Saturday with several newbs (family/friends) with me :cool: I can't wait to see the looks on their faces at the first throttle whack, burnout and hit when the tree goes green!
  4. Jim Gunther

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    That was a terrific story.

    So often, folks forget that heros (whether John Force, Rush Limbaugh, or Sam Walton) didn't spring-from-the-shell fully grown and heroic.

    I love those kinds of stories - Inspiration to ALL of us - especially small business-people trying to "make another payroll".:)
  5. paoldtimer

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    I love stories like that one. Thanks, Bobby.
  6. Speed1288

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    One of these people is not like the others...
  7. sammi

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    Rush Limbaugh....AYFKM!?:mad:

    Not a John Force fan, but I have honest respect and admiration for what he has been able to accomplish.
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  8. rckymtn3

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    I about fell off my stool when I read that

    a hero? it's bad enough when they pin that moniker on sports stars, let-alone a windbag drug addict that lies more than he breathes....sheesh...that guy is a straight-out cigar smoking carbuncle of the highest order

    sorry Jim, but you make a list of "heros" like that, and it makes me think you live in a bubble.
  9. Jim Gunther

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    Whether you consider Rush a hero or not (I don't really care - and I don't want to turn this thread political), Rush has a great story (Read the recent biography by ?Chafitz).

    The point is, there was a time when all these fellows (Walton, Limbaugh, and Force and so many actors and musical giants) were "bumming gas money" to follow their dream - If that kind of story doesn't inspire you, that's your loss.:rolleyes:

  10. Speed1288

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    What, that he was a failed baseball guy who became a hack radio windbag hypocrite? Great story.

    I'll take Forces story.
  11. Mooseman

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  12. George.

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    Love him or hate him, ONE man has carried this sport on his back all by himself for the last 10 years.
  13. badger

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    I suppose we all live in bubbles Kevin, but I would recommend you do some research on your own before tagging labels on individuals. This thread was meant for a topic entirely different.

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