Former MLB Pitcher Randy Johnson-NHRA Photographer

Discussion in 'NHRA' started by mopain, Feb 28, 2011.

  1. mopain

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  2. Toejam

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    The Big Unit was in Pomona??? I had no idea...:p
  3. mick

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    now that's funny......and typical.
    article about randy @ drag race as photographer
    photo of randy @ stock car race :eek:
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  4. vegasnitro

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    One downside of being 6 foot 10 ... NO WAY you can be inconspicuous and just enjoy a weekend at the track.
  5. Pablocruise

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    C'mon Randy, post up the pics you took!
  6. mick

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  7. Rollout96

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    That IS pretty funny...
  8. Rollout96

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    Yeah but you can shoot over the other photogs if you want!!!;)
  9. Rexfiles

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    Just don't get in a snowball fight with him.......:D

  10. Rexfiles

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    Wonder if Morgan Lucas dragged him there......

  11. mastertone

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    This is comical. Do you have any idea how difficult it is to get one of those credentials? Then NHRA just gives it to an amature...what a joke!
  12. willy

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  13. NiTROhype

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    I bet with his standard lens, his pics all look like they were taken by google earth :)
  14. JL

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    From the story...
    "You see this on TV and you can’t put it in perspective," Johnson said. "I had the pleasure to go out to Phoenix and shoot a NASCAR race and you don’t realize how fast those cars are and how close they race together, but this is at another level."

    At least he sees drag racing as another level above NASCAR. Gotta like that.
  15. mastertone

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  16. willy

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    Get over yourself, Craig.

    95% of what you post is in the negative category..and your vision of the truth is fairly skewered.
  17. Rollout96

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    Plus they got some pub out of it. Sounds like a smart move to me.

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