Force and the Excursion

Discussion in 'NHRA' started by preacher, Feb 14, 2008.

  1. preacher

    preacher Nitro Member

    Am I the only one that thinks its odd that John's teams are driving around in over 3 year old support vehicles that Ford discontinued..... 3 years ago??

    It would seem reasonable that with all the millions Ford is throwing thier way they would require/encourage them to drive a current model Ford vehicle that someone can go to a store and buy :confused:

    An Expedition EL comes to mind :rolleyes:
  2. fabman

    fabman Nitro Member

    I bet it doesn't have 4,000 miles on it!
  3. Bullard Anderson

    Bullard Anderson Nitro Member

    Talk about an auction-bid for charity item, maybe. I even think Bernstein's deal back in the 90's was that the local Chevy dealer near the track supplied his tow vehicle.
  4. Rajunz

    Rajunz Nitro Member

    Probably because they need the room, the Expeditions aren't as large.
  5. .

    . Nitro Member

    Only 4000? :confused: They're 4 years old = 1000 miles per year.

    I could be wrong but unless Force has a specific semi transporter just to haul the support vehicles from race to race I'd say they have well over 200,000 miles on them. I'm sure they rack up miles pretty quickly driving from one end of the country to the other. I'm pretty sure they won't fit in the same transporter as the race car. Usually the "downstairs" is full of work benches, tools, engine parts and misc cabinets. The "upstairs" where they haul the car wouldn't have enough ceiling height for a Ford truck.
  6. elvis

    elvis Nitro Member

    Hey, give Force a break! It's all he can afford...:D
  7. T.Smith

    T.Smith Nitro Member

    Yeah...poor ole John Force.:rolleyes:
  8. G'ginna

    G'ginna Nitro Member

    You know...

    Some people spend their money making payments or buying vehicles that are instantly worth a lot less money once you drive them off the lot.

    Some people purchase an item with the expectation that with care, it will last and the money spent will not be wasted, that value for the dollar spent will be attained.

    IMHO, If Force makes the money, he can make his own decisions about how he spends it.
  9. Bob K.

    Bob K. Nitro Member

    The new Ford Expedition EL (extra long) is Real Close size wise to the Excursion it replaces. They are probably waiting until the DIESEL version comes out later this year. Big difference in fuel milage!
    I worked for a local Ford dealer here in Las Vegas, and when the Excursion was discontinued you should have seen the run on them! Sold out every one we could get. BK
  10. preacher

    preacher Nitro Member

    Yep, I have one ;)
  11. preacher

    preacher Nitro Member

    :confused: I think you missed the point, the post was not about common sense..... it was about Ford selling vehicles!
  12. t-roy

    t-roy Nitro Member

    If they are still the grey and blue ones they are always on the road around Indy...they get used for everything.
  13. mick

    mick Nitro Member

    yes, i wonder the same thing.
  14. fabman

    fabman Nitro Member

    The truck is hauled from race to race, the only miles it gets is back and forth in the pits and occasional beer runs:eek: and taken crew to hotel. Maybe 6,000 miles on it
  15. G'ginna

    G'ginna Nitro Member

    I am sorry if I over-reacted... it was the "required" part that set me off. As you may have noticed, I have some issues about things that I feel are an infringement on certain rights. While I am sure you didn't mean it that way, sometimes I feel that people are too willing to create rules that have other far-reaching consequences.

    I don't promise not to react in the future, but I will promise to think a little longer about it before I do. Deal?
  16. Jenn

    Jenn Nitro Member

    Ah, Come on Ginnna, if more people thought before they posted, some of the humor would leave the site!
  17. G'ginna

    G'ginna Nitro Member

    And God knows we can all use some humor!

    Now, I really, really need to head for bed.... I am supposed to work tomorrow... :eek::D
  18. You!

    You! Nitro Member

    No they don't. Are you making this stuff up as you go along?
  19. clock guy

    clock guy Nitro Member

    The SUVs are not hauled, they are driven race to race to shop to where ever, and at least 3 of them haul trailers behind them. More than likely over 120,000 mile on each of them.
  20. rocketman

    rocketman Nitro Member

    This thread is a non-issue.

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