Erica Enders and Richie Stevens

Discussion in 'NHRA' started by Rollout96, Jan 4, 2010.

  1. Rollout96

    Rollout96 Nitro Member

    Huh.... Never noticed that they were dating. I thought she was engaged or married. :::shrug:::

    Good luck to them there AND on the racing front.

    I NEED to be informed of these things people!!!!! :D ;)
  2. Muddy

    Muddy Nitro Member

    And some of us are further in the dark. What are you refering to?
  3. see h 3 N 0 TOO

    see h 3 N 0 TOO Nitro Member

    She posts it on facebook everyday
  4. Bullet

    Bullet Nitro Member

    I hope DD has a good showing in the Cunningham Mustang this year!
  5. Rollout96

    Rollout96 Nitro Member

    I just noticed that her Face Book page has tons of photos of them together. They seem to be dating and very happy. Since I rarely read about either of them it just surprised me a bit.
  6. Rollout96

    Rollout96 Nitro Member

    That is where I noticed it. Good for them!!
  7. Randy

    Randy Nitro Member

    Must be real slow at work.

  8. yoda

    yoda Nitro Member

    And all over MySpace for years before that....
  9. supe

    supe Nitro Member

    Now thats funny Randy :D

  10. willy

    willy Staff Member Nitro Member

    Yea real funny.

    I hope it all works out in a good way. Like competitive.
  11. scsp390

    scsp390 Nitro Member

    Please tell me that you all knew that Hillary Will has been dating Matt Hines. It's all over her fb also...:confused::confused::confused:
  12. Pete

    Pete Nitro Member

    OMG...its not Rod Fuller? LOL!!!!

    Next you'll tell me Angie McBride changed her last name to Smith because she married Matt...Geeesh!!!:p
  13. vegasnitro

    vegasnitro Nitro Member

    Best typo ever? Freudian keyboard slip? Or just trying to slide a funny past us? In any event I LOL'd.
  14. Nitro Jim

    Nitro Jim Nitro Member

    So did I... A Classic that needs to be preserved by being quoted to save anybody editing the original. (Unless the Mods get heavy handed)...
  15. HEMI6point1

    HEMI6point1 Nitro Member

    I guess the old saying goes "friends before lovers" LOL.
  16. Johnny Mopar

    Johnny Mopar Nitro Member

    Wasn't she seeing one of the Angel brothers in Houston???
  17. rollingthunder

    rollingthunder Nitro Member

    As the Wheel turns so do the days of our lives !
  18. Bullet

    Bullet Nitro Member

    ;) :D

    In the words of Tron from the Dave Chappelle Show.... I plead the FIF!
  19. Johnny Mopar

    Johnny Mopar Nitro Member

    Like Sands Through The Hourglass...;)
  20. sdwarf36

    sdwarf36 Nitro Member


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