Does match racing still happen?

Discussion in 'NHRA' started by bing, Jun 14, 2012.

  1. bing

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    Just wondering if there is much non NHRA match racing going on there these days? I know it used to be pretty big a while back but you dont hear of it anymore so I guess it doesnt happen. I reckon goin out to your local track once a month for a bit of nitro would have been a pretty cool deal. What do the local fans where the show only comes to town once a season do for the other 51 weeks of the year?

    Can you go out and hire a track or is all nitro racing done under the watchful eye of the NHRA?

    And finally, would it ever happen that one of the big teams would hire one of the longer tracks and run the full 1320 just to see what was possible? I for one would love to know what sort of times they would run. I know, will never happen but it would be pretty cool.

    Sorry but i cant sleep and when I cant sleep its usually coz I have drag racing on my mind. That is definately the case tonite
  2. MM

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    Match races are still going on, albeit not even close to the rate they once were. I'll actually be at one on Saturday night in Epping, NH. The testing ban has a little to do with it, but more than anything, it's the cost of running the cars. The cost of running the cars dictates what the racers asked to be paid and most track owners simply cannot afford it, save for maybe once a year.

    As far as going quarter mile, it doesn't matter who is putting on the event, if the track is sanctioned by NHRA then the pros are limited to 1000 foot. A race staged at an IHRA sanctioned track who permit the pros to go a 1/4 mile if they chose to.
  3. jackass

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    May of the part time Nitro guys do some match racing from time to time...
  4. Pete

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    Who else will be there for Nostalgia AA/FC's Mike?
  5. MM

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    Crazy Jake
    Hard Guys
    Chi-Town Hustler
    Poverty Stricken
    Steve Nichols
    Mac Attack

    This is the list I was given. Peanut will be racing Paul Weiss's FC also, along with 8 alcohol cars. Should be a lot of fun. It's my first trip to Epping, looking forward to getting behind the wheel again.
  6. Surfer Ed

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    I will be there with my trusty Nikon shooting at 800 feet.
  7. bing

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    Thanks for that Mike, how big is the nostalgia deal over there? I know the march meet is huge and its on my bucket list but is there any other real big meets? How many fuel altereds run? Do you know of an aussie by the name of matthew leonard who was putting one together a while back? Has he run it yet?

    Is it affordable to run a deal like yours or are the costs getting out of control? Iknow from looking at nitrojunk you can pick up a car pretty cheap but how much would it cost to do say 4 passes over a weekend?

    I know nitro and cheap should never be in the same sentence but id buy one and run it twice a year rather than an 8 second car and run it at every opportunity if the costs werent that out of hand.

  8. MM

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    The nostalgia deal is pretty big over here. It is a more economical way for the average guy to burn some nitro. The March Meet and the CHRR are by far the cream of the crop as far as car counts and competition go, but the World Series at Cordova, IL is getting bigger for NFCs every year. The IHRA is helping grow the class as well. They bring in 4-8 NFCs at all of their events. Pretty much every weekend of the entire summer there is an NFC event going on somewhere in the country, sometimes 2-3 events.

    The class is on the verge of getting out of hand (in MY opinion) with some of the rules that have been implemented over the last couple seasons. As in every form of racing, from Jr. Dragsters all the way up to Top Fuel, there are haves and have nots in NFC. The more well funded teams will generally do better in heads up racing because the can afford to push their cars a little harder to get better performance. If they have to sacrifice a motor or a few sets of heads to perform, so be it. They don't mind taking a hit in the pocket book because they can afford to do so. The team I am involved with can't really afford to do so. We have to try and be competitive while being somewhat conservative. We run a lot of match races and IHRA events because they pay better than the open qualifying type shows.

    There are a good amount of fuel altereds around and there are several different circuits to run in, depending on what part of the country you live in. I haven't heard of Matt Leonard, do you know where he is based out of over here?
  9. MM

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    If you have time, stop by the Chi-Town pits and say hello. I look forward to your pics.
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    Matthew Leonard is based out of Utah, he has run his altered (on alcohol) the last time I heard of him running it was at a meet back in early 2011. He's a really nice guy, the last time I caught up with him was back home in Australia at a race in Sydney several years ago now. He use to work for the Cowins and Kalitta's. Darren, he posts now and again on the dragster forum.



    PS: Ill respond to your pm soon.
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  12. bing

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    Its been a while since I have seen him post over there. I have met him here too. Actually crewed with him on his dads blown dragster at Calder in the late 90's. I just put it out there hoping someone here would know of him. Isnt the plan to eventually run nitro??


    PS: I await your response :) Just hope it made some sort of sense if not I blame Jack Daniels
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    I will be there with my trusty Canon shooting at 800 feet. :D
  14. NYNitro86

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    That's one of the reasons why E-Town won't have the fuel cars there (except the Nostalgia cars), if they can't run 1/4, they don't want them. Some teams are cool with running 1/4 to match race, I don't believe it's a universal rule Nitro 1000 ft only for NHRA except for the National events. Meanwhile Bader has the Funny Cars run 1000 for Night Under Fire. To each it's own.

    BTW The Last Time Nitro Cars ran 1/4 mile there was the Summer Motorsports Spectacular when Phil Burkart & Mike Smith drove Paul Smith's 2 Cars, this was weeks after Kalitta. They didn't run that fast, they were 5 sec nitro cars.

    Do you think that Mike & Paul or in a Top Fuel Stand Point the Laganas (who do match race) are going to have their cars on "Kill" performance-wise on a Sat or Wednesday Night match racing?

    It's all about the show.
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    Thanks Mike. Thats a hell of a show!! You will enjoy yourself. Its a nice part of the country and the beach is only 20 minutes away!!

    Enjoy yourself!! :cool:
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    Ill be at Denver and Indy shooting my trusty Nikon at 100 feet!
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