decibels of a top fuel car

Discussion in 'NHRA' started by minnow, Mar 20, 2007.

  1. minnow

    minnow Nitro Member

    Does anyone know what the decibels of a top fuel car is when it's started and then under power?
  2. Toejam

    Toejam Nitro Member

    The Gainesville Paper did a piece on the Beautiful Noise, they claim(?) it's around 120 DB Under Power! Not sure How accurate that is.....:rolleyes:
  3. shooter / next of kin

    shooter / next of kin Nitro Member

    Not nearly enough... :D I have never plugged my ears once in my life... 40+ years of NITRO... :p But I can tell you that when I am wiping tires after the burnout with 97% pop in the tank, that if I get my head a little to close to the pipe, it does ring for a bit...
    Someone knows, just thought I would throw in my opinion... :) Light the next pair!! :D
  4. shooter / next of kin

    shooter / next of kin Nitro Member

    I will also add this... Some years ago, SOMEONE?? took readings with a seismograph to measure the Ground Shake... I want to say it registered a 2.? on their graphs... I could be wrong, but someone will hit me with a shovel... That's cool, I just can't remember right off hand... :eek:
    Also, it is not so much the noise, it is the feeling of those sound waves going right to, and threw your core that makes this so freakin cool... :D
  5. john

    john Nitro Member

    It's kind of like reverb for the body.
  6. vegasnitro

    vegasnitro Nitro Member

    Yeah, that was at Denver a few years back. The geologists were actually surprised that it registered over a 2 ... they were expecting "minimal seismic events" and were stunned to actually get readings!
  7. minnow

    minnow Nitro Member

    I think they did the ground shake test in Denver and I thought it was something like 5.??

    We're taking our fuel car to a university for display and they were worried about it breaking windows when we start the car but I really don't think that's possible. I've never heard of any windows breaking.
  8. shooter / next of kin

    shooter / next of kin Nitro Member

    ROTFLMAO :D That's exactly what I meant... :p

    Chris, you are right, it was Denver, just forgot to mention that... I really thought it would be more then a 2. But hey, we really do shake da ground!! :cool: :D
  9. vegasnitro

    vegasnitro Nitro Member

    Wow, I am surprised someone from a University would be scared of a fueler breaking windows. Glass has a high resonant frequency, fuelers do not approach that frequency (actually it's not even close). db is not the determining factor for breaking a window.
  10. Nitro Mustang

    Nitro Mustang Nitro Member

    Maybe not the frequency, but what about the shock wave if you're close enough to a window?
  11. J.C.

    J.C. Nitro Member

    DBs are enough to set off motion-detector car alarms throughout the parking lot everytime a fueler runs down the track, lol. I wonder how many dead car/truck batteries there are after being parked one day at a National event?
  12. shooter / next of kin

    shooter / next of kin Nitro Member

    We used to light Jim Davis's T/F car in Gary Walters driveway... Never had a problem with the kitchen windows... However some of the neighbors had a problem with it... :D
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  13. Nitro Mustang

    Nitro Mustang Nitro Member

    Oh my GOD that is so awesome:eek: And since you mentioned the cackle, do the nitro injected cars (non supercharged) run 100% nitro? I noticed they definitely have a different sound to them on Sunday.
  14. club

    club Nitro Member

    I seem to remember a few years back, one of the tow (I almost wrote push) vehicles getting the rear side window blown out on the starting line during a burnout. I don't remember what track or team but I remember seeing it during the TV coverage.
  15. shooter / next of kin

    shooter / next of kin Nitro Member

    I can tell you that we run somewhere between 97% and 97% POP in the tank, but that is a very closely guarded secret... :D I may be wrong, but I believe that you have to cut NITRO with a splash of Alcohol for it to light... Again, I could be wrong... I hear can, lid and label all the time, but have NEVER seen anyone acually do it... So my GUESS would be that JR.Fuel cars, put some cut in it also... I'm talking Nostalgia T/F folks... Remember when the motor was in the front?? Slingshot?? ANYONE!! :eek: HELLO!! :p
  16. John Spencer Nitro Member

    Ray, your ears are gona be mad at you prematurely!!
    When I was 14, I never plugged 'em but they were only pushin' 2,500 it is a bit different.

    You will do terrible middle ear damage even if you don't realize it. Love the smell and burn though and the feeling of my inner gizzards shakin' all about!
  17. d'kid

    d'kid Nitro Member

    Been in a closed garage, with a BB/FC (am I dating myself?) runnin', more than once, (keeping the unenlightened happy) Wack,wack would rattle the window, but it did lift the garage door (weak springs?)... but I do wear "bunny ears" nowadays... ringing 24/7... not from the cars, from firearms, and running heavy equipment in the mid-70's in the Navy... top-range is gone... and yeah, at the track, it's about 50/50 hearing you or reading your lips... still woundn't miss it fer the world... and ":D I Love The Smell of Nitro in the Morning; It Smells Like Victory"
  18. shooter / next of kin

    shooter / next of kin Nitro Member

    I hear ya... Just fine... :D I guess I have been one of the lucky ones... Or realize, I only get one shot at this life... I know and fully realize the damage to hearing, 40+ with NITRO constantly popping... Eyes, rarely use safety glasses, I'm not an idiot however... At least that's what the voices inside my head keep telling me... After Randy Goodwin's accident, that is going to change... Smoked 2 packs a day for over 20 years... If I worried about those things, it would not be called living... ;) I hear your every word though... And I still hear better then most...
    Did you just hear that?? :eek: I joke, but understand all the risks I take... Now it's off to Burger King for a 5 layer Bacon Cheeseburger... With X-L fries... and a chocolate shake... :D Did I mention the alcohol consumtion on the weekends with Karl?? LMAO I know this is no joking matter... I am responsible... For myself!!
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  19. vegasnitro

    vegasnitro Nitro Member

    The concussive force of a Supercharger explosion could definitely break a window. I was standing at the fence in Pomona in '97 or '98 at about 1000ft when Cruz Pedregon's blower let go and it about knocked me over, if I had not been holding onto the fence I probably wold have went down.

    As for the window breaking during a burnout, I would be inclined to believe that it was debris off the tire (big thread about that here last week), or the glass was already cracked or flawed.
  20. TD

    TD Nitro Member

    Ray, you are an absolute fortress when it comes to keeping secrets!!:D Are you serious...........the motor used to be in the front on the T/F cars?..........what will they think of next? Airplane wings on the back? Seriously, I first heard a nitro car run at Bristol in '85, it was in the pits and I thought, "Man, this is gonna be good!" .............I almost peed myself when KB blipped the throttle! I remember thinkin' this is what the wrath of God must sound like!

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