CT Dragway could use your help!

Discussion in 'NHRA' started by john, Feb 28, 2008.

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  4. StockersRock

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    I think this has been kicking around for a while. I just signed it, but I think it might have even been for a second time. If it takes 8000 of my signatures, I'll do it, though. :) I can't see how a dragstrip in Connecticut wouldn't do well.
  5. vegasnitro

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    That would be sweet if they built it to National Event standards. I am predicting BIG crowds for that one.

    "The Mohegan Sun Nationals"
  6. sdwarf36

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    Yea--its been around a bunch of times--big load of horsesh!t. If they had the land (which they dont) to have a 1/4 mile+ shutdown+ parking+ bleachers, they would build a 3rd casino. Emotions aside + strictly business, would you rather:
    A: Spend the money to build a track you could use maybe 12 times a year-weather permitting-that would never have a return on the investment Have to deal with the state (in Ct, DMV controls racing) insurance, and noise complaints
    B: Build 500 more hotel rooms that rent for $200-$2000 a nite
    a bigger concert arena (billy Joel is sold out for 5 nites in May-tix $150 + up)
    another 3000 slot machines that do nothing but earn money 24/7/365.
    All the resturants, shows, basketball games are there for the sole reason to GET YOU IN THE BUILDING. A dragstrip wouldnt do that at all.
  7. cars

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    I raced at CT dragway in the early 80's before it closed. But I think they will need to find a new location for the track.Back then they were building houses around the perimeter. That was one of many reasons it was closed in the fist place.It was a cool place, alot of memories there. JJ
  8. StockersRock

    StockersRock Nitro Member

    A dragstrip IN the building might! :D
  9. Professor Dave

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    I doubt this will happen-the track is owned by the people who publish Consumer Reports. Click on the link below and there you can see the drag strip in its current state.

    ConsumerReports.org - At the track: Consumer Reports Auto Test Center
  10. afx421

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    i wish mohegan sun would build a killer national event track, but i dont see it happening :mad:. i cant tell you how many times petitions to open a track again here in connecticut has come around. it stinks towing through new york to get to e town.
  11. marc

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    I second that jeff
  12. TooTall999

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    I spent many a Sunday at the track during the 70's and 80's.I saw and met many of the legends of the sport there.Saw many Jungle Jim antics,Shirley making her first"get aquainted" pass in Connie Kallitta's old "Bounty Hunter" mustang.I was there for the first 5 second top fuel pass.I grew up nearby in Norwich,where the Tasca Ford Mystery 9,8,and 7 cars would frequently stop for dinner at a resturant about 2 miules from my home.I'd bug my dad to just drive by on Sundays so I could see if it was there.We used to frequent Harry's after the races in downtown Colchester.But I'm afraid in this age of noise restrictions,nimby (Not In My Backyard) taxpayers and over inflated property values,that this idea won't be more than a dream,and all those memories will be just that.RIP Connecticut Dragway....:(
  13. sdwarf36

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    Well-there IS an indoor racing facility in Ct. www.mototownusa.com
    Motocross + 1/4 mile (optimistically) dirt track. I've been racing there over the winter in my modlite. Cool place.
    Heres an incar/ outcar video from the other nite.
  14. none

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    If memory serves me a gentleman by the name of Frank Marata built and owned Conn. Dragway for several years. He promoted the Motorama car show in Hartford for many years also.
    My first of many trips to Conn. Dragway was in the spring of 62. Anyone out there know when the track opened?
    If the above information is not 100% correct let me know. Thanx.:)
  15. john

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    I think there are two Rs in Franks last name.
  16. Professor Dave

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    I grew up in Norwich as well and went to the CT dragway, but it was in the 60s. There are still some New Breed guys racing-the car in my avatar is my comp car that Lee Zane drives (#5 and 9 the lat tow years nationally and second in D1 both years)-last year we were at brainerd-spun the tires all weekend-don't know if we'll go again, but look for us-my partner is Al Ackerman and he has an F/D-he made it to the finals in comp a few years back at brainerd. Look for us and stop by if we are there.
  17. sdwarf36

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    Your both from "Noich" huh? No wonder you talk funny! ;)

    (to anyone not from the area-its a local sub-dialic--1/2 boston 1/2 bronx--the only word with a prononcible "R" is wash--as in "i'm gonna warsh the caa" :D
  18. StockersRock

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    True. We've been talking about going there this winter, glad to hear you like it.

    I live in Stafford. Another town with a racetrack, but it's round, not straight.

    My father raced Super Stock at Connecticut Dragway in the 70's and early 80's. Though I was four when he sold his car in 1982, I spent some time in my early years there, and I have a couple of very foggy memories of the place. Connecticut Dragway is one of those things in life that makes me wish I was a little bit older.
  19. sdwarf36

    sdwarf36 Nitro Member

    Andy- come down next Fri nite or Sunday afternoon-I'm in the blue #36 modlite. Jack Arute races there when not off doing TV.
    It was good growing up near CIR-when i was young, i could talk my parents into bringing me-around age 12 i would just ride my bike up there + sneak in thru the woods :eek: As soon as i had anything thing worthy of running (1975 Yamaha rd 350) I was up there racing.
  20. Nitrohaulic

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    LOL, reminds me of Billy Dee from just north of Boston. He'll talk about how someone will "drawer" a rendering of a cah.

    I read a few years ago what the code is on a New York accent. Just swap "uh" and "er" sounds at the end of any words. "The workuhs went out for pete-zer and vodker."

    I told my girlfriend's mom (from Jersey) that and, I'm not kidding. Her reply was "I have no idear where they get that." :D

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