Courtney Force in ESPN's "body" issue.

Discussion in 'NHRA' started by HEMI6point1, Jun 25, 2013.

  1. HEMI6point1

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  2. Nunz

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    Samuel, you did the right thing...:D
  3. James

    James Nitro Member

    Ummm, just for curiosity you understand but when does this issue hit the stands.
  4. .

    . Nitro Member

    Where's the pics!? :confused:
  5. HEMI6point1

    HEMI6point1 Nitro Member

    Looks like July 12 when it hits the stands. :)
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  7. HEMI6point1

    HEMI6point1 Nitro Member

    Private. :confused:
  8. bing

    bing Nitro Member

    My last day in the US. better be on the news stands at JFK, would prefer it was Brittany though.
  9. .

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    Weird, obviously wasn't that way when John K. posted it on his site. :confused:
  10. Jim Gunther

    Jim Gunther Nitro Member

    This is good for the sport.

    The Body Issue isn't some skin flick or the like. I like Courtney more and more each time I hear her talk (Geez, what a difference from that reality show persona).
  11. PJ

    PJ Staff Member Nitro Member

    to be fair, I think she may have still been in high school then too or at minimum just out of it. Lots of changes between 18 and 25
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  13. Bullard Anderson

    Bullard Anderson Nitro Member

    Great for the sport no doubt. What would be better for the sport is Melanie Troxel and I sharing a meal, sushi or some other seafood. Not sure I can type that, but oh well.
  14. Toejam

    Toejam Nitro Member

    Any kind of exposure for this sport can't be a Bad thing, but when she says she's trying to Promote the Athletisism of the sport? Give me a Break....
  15. mick

    mick Nitro Member

    the force family will forget more ways they have exposed NHRA drag racing
    than probably all others ever will.
  16. Jim Gunther

    Jim Gunther Nitro Member

    FWIW: When you're looking at a sport where winner and runner-ups are separated by 100s (or 1,000ths) of a Second, physical (and the mental) conditioning could be that edge.
    She - and her serious conditioning (and youth) - are the future.

    PS: I'm, well, not young and pack some extra poundage but, when/if I win Powerball I'm not going to hire a clone of me to drive my car.

  17. cephus

    cephus Nitro Member

    I no plenty of fat asses in race cars that r not athletes:eek:
  18. vegasnitro

    vegasnitro Nitro Member

    Tony Stewart and Juan Pablo Montoya come immediately to mind. When JPM was in F1 at McLaren, the team's nickname for him was " Gordo" which is Spanish for fat. I just saw Tony Stewart at a WOO event in Lawrenceburg, Indiana and I am sure he weighs more than I do ... And I am a foot taller than he is!

    All things being equal ... The driver in better shape does have the edge.

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