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Discussion in 'NHRA' started by force fan, Jul 8, 2013.

  1. force fan

    force fan Nitro Member

    I would like to know what the Maters think; Classy or Trashy? I think the photos were done very respectfully and classy!!!!
  2. rckymtn3

    rckymtn3 Nitro Member

    Personally? It's T & A, no matter how you slice it. Mind you, I'm not a hater of T & A....not EVER...but it's comical how Rieff kept referring to "it" as an "honor" it art all you want, it's audience sees it as T & A. Honest, no problem with it, she's a beautiful woman, and I happen to like her personality, and she seems to have better racing chops than her older sis, so not knocking her for doing it, I just don't want t hear the old "they treat me like a girl, not a racer" stuff when all is said and done.
  3. Paul

    Paul Staff Member Nitro Member

    I remember a few years ago when Danica Patrick posed in the SI Swim Suit edition and some around here said how trashy it was and how classy Ashley Force was for getting publicity without showing any skin. I am a guy, so it probably isn't fair for me to give an honest response because what guy doesn't like looking a half naked women (as long as she is physically fit). I have seen where Angelle isn't a fan of Courtney's pictures. Some others have said it took guts to do what she did, but as someone else pointed out (Scott Speed) it also takes guts to be a stripper. Not sure if I see the upside for an organization like JFR, I see more backlash from the conservative groups of people.
  4. mick

    mick Nitro Member

    espn's version of 'sports illustrated swimsuit addition'.
    glad she was chosen.
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  5. mw6789

    mw6789 Nitro Member

    Might be a little hard to explain to your 8 year old on down the line somewhere. But hey, if I were a woman that looked like Courtney Force, I probably never would wear clothes.:D
  6. mw6789

    mw6789 Nitro Member

    I can't imagine that JFR did not get the OK from sponsors long before Courtney said yes.
  7. Silly Savage

    Silly Savage Nitro Member

    My 2 was crap. Women in racing want to be taken seriously and not be considered a piece of a$$. Angelle woudln't have done this....Shirley would never have. Would LOVE to hear Leah Pruet, Alexis DeJoria, Angie Smith, Erica Enders or Melanie Troxel weigh in on this.

    It was selling out Courtney for more publicity, and for what in return????
  8. Project Paladin

    Project Paladin Nitro Member

    WHAT someone named Force doing something just to get publicity????? That's crazy talk.

    My guess is they (John Force Racing) went to ESPN to push the idea. I woundn't expect anything less from them.
  9. force fan

    force fan Nitro Member

    Wow, I'm kind of surprised there is so much negativity about this. I see nothing wrong with it. She is beautiful and has a killer body. Someone said they would like to hear the opinions of other female drag racers like Angie Smith, Alexis Dejoria, Erica Enders, etc. I would have to guess Angie Smith and Alexis wouldn't have a problem with it, but I could be wrong.
  10. Silly Savage

    Silly Savage Nitro Member

    Don't make assumptions about other people's morales.....
  11. force fan

    force fan Nitro Member

    I don't think I did, so relax :p
  12. Silly Savage

    Silly Savage Nitro Member

    Ya, you sorta did when you specifically mention two women and say you doubt they'd mind. So what is it you are saying about those two individuals that makes you comfortable with saying they'd have no problem with female racers posing "nude"?
  13. force fan

    force fan Nitro Member

    No, I said I was guessing that they wouldn't see anything wrong with it so don't put words in my mouth I did not say.
  14. Toejam

    Toejam Nitro Member

    I was thinking more along the lines of Maxim or FHM!
  15. Sean D, shondoo

    Sean D, shondoo Nitro Member

    I won't speak for Lynn, obviously, but I'm guessing that's why she used the words "guess", and, "I could be wrong".......... :rolleyes:

    Who gives a sh!t? It was tastefully done, for a magazine that's the elite entity for sports advertising and entertainment. It's not like the NHRA couldn't use all the help they can get right now........

    Sean D
  16. Silly Savage

    Silly Savage Nitro Member

    What I am getting at is that I mentioned a few different female racers and you choose two specific people and said YOU WOULD GUESS that they WOULDN'T have a problem with it. So, again...what would make you guess in that direction? What do you GUESS the other women I mentioned would think? I'm not putting words in anyone's mouth...I'm asking that you explain your guess.
  17. I agree JR, it was trashy. Lost a lot of respect for her, and her dad.:(:(
  18. mw6789

    mw6789 Nitro Member

    Outside of the photographer and crew who saw everything, you really dont see any more than you would with her in a bikini at the beach.
  19. HEMI6point1

    HEMI6point1 Nitro Member

    Oh please. The body issue isn't some skin flick/mag or the like.

    Sorry, but I expect to hear/read a comment like that from a woman who is "well fed," bitter and jealous....
  20. mike

    mike Nitro Member

    seems like just something else for folks that don't like JFR to criticize JFR about...

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