"Automan" fuel injection

Discussion in 'NHRA' started by NitroIntern, Mar 20, 2007.

  1. NitroIntern

    NitroIntern Nitro Member

    Anybody got a website for them? I have tried to "google" them, with no success.
  2. T.Smith

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  3. HEMI6point1

    HEMI6point1 Nitro Member

    Man, is that injector scoop on the dragster huge or what?
  4. Buzzz Miller

    Buzzz Miller Guest

    There is a reason they put limits to the opening of the injector/scoop.
    Talking with Bob about this scoop, he stated that he was just shy of 3 pounds of boost at speed with that scoop and others very similar. That is a small blower.
  5. NitroIntern

    NitroIntern Nitro Member

    THANKS! I still don't see why Search Engines wouldn't pick it up. I reckon it's another "mystery of the Universe". :)
  6. Outlaw Eric

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