Ashleys Boomer

Discussion in 'NHRA' started by Too many to list here, Jun 11, 2007.

  1. Too many to list here

    Too many to list here Nitro Member

    Man that was another huge car lifting explosion!!
    Good thing the fire etc went away quick.
    Looks like there was an open gate as she was still truckin' along.
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  2. hellfirejim

    hellfirejim Nitro Member

    A couple of things. One, I really appreciate her honesty when she said that she screamed when it went boom because to came without any warning. Not sure if I would have screamed but I most certainly would have said at least a few bad words. Probably starting with HOLY S......

    Secondly if there is any concern if she can handle the car I think these have finally gone away. That boomer was bad, ALL four wheels off the ground.

  3. shooter

    shooter Nitro Member

    You would have screamed... :D Get real... :eek: :D
  4. hellfirejim

    hellfirejim Nitro Member

    Ok Maybeeeee......:eek: but i don't think I would have said on TV.:D

  5. shooter

    shooter Nitro Member

    Here is exactly how Jim would have looked from the in car camera>:eek:
    This isn't right, mommy,mommy,mommy, WAHHHHHH :D
  6. d'kid

    d'kid Nitro Member

    She's her father's daughter... and she didn't say what she screamed:eek::D
  7. shooter

    shooter Nitro Member

    Well I can guarantee you it wasn't what Paris said before they took her cell away... :D Read post above... :p
  8. mike cummings

    mike cummings Nitro Member

    sounds like paris hilton....
  9. J.C.

    J.C. Nitro Member

    I noticed the open gate as well. If she couldn't see where she was going, she could easily have drove into the end of the exposed wall. Why has nobody asked why the gate was open as she cruised by, on fire, at 100 or so MPH? That is plain stupid.
  10. megadeth

    megadeth Nitro Member

    She did an awesome job!
    I would like to see her work on her reaction times she gets left on a lot!
  11. HEMI6point1

    HEMI6point1 Nitro Member

    I noticed that too, if she would have hit that wall, it could have been a disaster.
  12. d'kid

    d'kid Nitro Member

    Like her dad last year... and Wildthing... Butterflies are opening, but the car's slow reacting...

    and Ray
    I know I would have screamed something that starts with the letter F, has 4 letters, and rhymes with a water fowl...:eek:

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