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  1. nitro-trucker

    nitro-trucker Nitro Member

    I was just wondering, how not running associate sponsors stickes will afect there support if or when the Shiek quits paying the bills.
    P.S. it is nice not to hear the sponsor song while being interviewed.
  2. Miss Kitty

    Miss Kitty Nitro Member

    I'm not sure how it would affect things in the long run, but it sure makes for some nice looking cars.
  3. yoda

    yoda Nitro Member

    The Sheik has paid the bill already... This team has a long run ahead of it based on the check that has already cleared... It's gonna be nice to see a pretty, unstickered car for a while...:)
  4. T.Smith

    T.Smith Nitro Member

    So long as they are getting paid, they shouldn't care.
  5. Bullard Anderson

    Bullard Anderson Nitro Member

    Frankly, I want to hear the sponsor song after every interview. Some teams wish they had the lyrics back of that ol #1 hit. Get my drift :D
  6. Sean D, shondoo

    Sean D, shondoo Nitro Member

    I kinda' feel the same way, T, but do you think when the sheik is done there may be some resentment from the manufacturers that haven't been getting exposure on arguably the top car in the class? Or is it a deal where, when the day comes, they'll all still be standing in line just because it's AJ?

    I'm not asking to be a smart a$$. I'm just curious to hear someone's angle from inside the ropes.

    Sean D
  7. timebombkal

    timebombkal Nitro Member

    Great job AJ and Larry winning the race.
    Nice looking car
    Same for Mike Castellana.
    Now if Del wins soon, it will be better.
  8. Tim5636sc

    Tim5636sc Nitro Member

    yeah it will be complete the saying 'WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER' :) this week, we just had the winner yard bird.
  9. yoda

    yoda Nitro Member

    I don't know Sean- we all know the team is owned by someone that makes most of the parts on the car, including the chassis in the case of the flopper, and in the case of the few parts that AREN'T made by AJPE, the manufactures of those parts don't usually get a TV babble... When was the last time you heard someone talk about the great blower or pistons they have in the car? Who's to be pissed off?? Anybody that needs to buy those parts ALREADY knows who made them, and probably isn't spending alot of time watching the Deuce to figure out where to get that kind of gear..

    Now, on the other cars, do you like hearing about the washing machines, sugar drink or flavored water that they yack about, or wouldn't you rather hear about that little slide they took at the 860' mark? ;)
    Last edited: Mar 16, 2009
  10. danno

    danno Nitro Member

    Whats the KH stand for on the lower body panel?:confused:
  11. squid

    squid Nitro Member

    They are not going to run out of money anytime soon
  12. yoda

    yoda Nitro Member

    His Highness Sheikh Khalid Bin Hamad Al Thani
  13. danno

    danno Nitro Member

  14. yoda

    yoda Nitro Member

    Famous final words.....:D

    Unless they are AIG, cash can ALWAYS run out sooner than expected...;)
  15. Sean D, shondoo

    Sean D, shondoo Nitro Member

    Good points, Martin, especially this last one............;)

    Sean D
  16. Tim5636sc

    Tim5636sc Nitro Member

    partially correct senor Martin... KHALID, the prince and co owner of this team. HAMAƐ, the king of QATAR, (the princes dad)...its is on all Al-Anabi cars.
    Call it a little thank you to the dad for his 'contribution' to the team:)
  17. JHOLE

    JHOLE Nitro Member

    You guys must be new to this sport.

    It's a new car.

    You have to wait for the scratches/dings to know where to put the stickers...

    Or, you have your kids remove the outer 1/4" of the sticker's backing to put it on the car for the final if you make it that far....

  18. Wayne

    Wayne Nitro Member

    Thanks Martin; I needed that!
  19. J.C.

    J.C. Nitro Member

    When I was racing, I refused to put "contingency" decals on any of my race cars. They are a sham and only benefit the car owner if the car wins or runner-ups at an event. In the meantime, the contingency sponsor gets their sticker on almost every car in the class for "free". Do the math, in a super class, the decal might appear on more than 100 vehicles, but only the winner and runner-up are paid to run the decals:)

    I applaud Alan and the sheik for not plastering their beautiful race cars with cheap contingency decals.
  20. ----NONE----

    ----NONE---- Nitro Member

    I agree, but there was a Stock or Super Stock racer with a gorgeous blue Monte Carlo (Brian Broaddus? I probably butchered his name... Sorry) that won in Pomona a few years back that didn't any stickers. I think the National Dragster article said that it cost him a few thousand dollars in contingency.... I guess that they are a necessary "evil" if you think that you have a chance to win.

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