Adam Sorokin: son of the Surfers

Discussion in 'NHRA' started by ProStockJunkie, Feb 27, 2009.

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    Great read!!! Thanks Jackee :)
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    I'm not sure... will ask him tomorrow at Famoso.... (and didn't they once ask John Travolta the same question?)

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    It mentioned in the article another article written by Cole Coonce about the original surfers team . I tried searching for it buct couldnt find it anyone have a link
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    If you meet Adam and spend five minutes (or even less) talking to him you'll realise he is one of the most marketable, charismatic, and sadly, overlooked, figures in Drag Racing.
    He has the skills, humility AND the personality.
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    Nice idea on the new aero package, cool look'n. Their were a few cars in the day that ran that look, not super unusual. If you watch this 1960's Indy video footage you may find something close in configuration, at web page

    YouTube - Drag Racing In The 60s Indy Nationals Part 1


    The Little Lizard
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    I went to the NHRR at Bowling Green last year and Sorokin's car was hittin' hard!! One of the best warmups I have ever been to in the pits!! The cloud was THICK.
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    It's really great to see innovation. Like the old days at The Beach where you would see twin engine cars, streamliners and even sidewinders. Bobby can make power, so this should be interesting. Looking forward to next week at the March Meet.
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    Is there any nitro % limit on the Nostalgia TF or FC's?
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    None at all. Working on Brendan Murry's car, the percentage would be somewhere around 94-96%. There are a few who run the entire can.

    Brendan called me the other day, told me they fired up the new Arias hemi motor, and as stout as his other motor would sound, he said this thing sounds as bad as the big show cars before they had nitro limits. While it was running, he said it blew out one of the lights on the side of his trailer, and when he shut it off, car alarms were going off all over the neighborhood.

    Hoping to get a call tonight with testing updates.
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    Dale, that thing must sound like Godzilla! Are you still building bodies, and are you running a car yourself at all? This Nostalgia FC deal is unreal in the amount and quality of cars being built.
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    have not made a body in almost a couple of years, but I'm bout ready to make a couple more.

    Have not done anything with my own car,, too much crap in life got in the way,, but I am now back to pulling out the parts and pieces to get it running.
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    Does anyone know if the small block Chevy is using splayed valve heads (pro stock truck) or in-line (old style) heads?
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    I first met Adam Sorokin at a CIFCA event in Fallon, NV and then again at a National Event in Vegas and I've been hoping to see him get a ride on a pro team ever since. Class act, humble and easy going.

    When I spoke with him in Vegas it was because he had asked Brady [Kalivoda] to introduce him to his dad, Dick, because he knew that he'd raced against Mike and the surfers back in the day. I heard some great stories about some great racers that afternoon, for sure...

    Anyway, maybe I need to stop rooting for these guys (Brady & Adam) because it seems everyone I hope gets a ride ends up sitting on the outside looking in. :mad::(
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    Their motor is an SB2 style head, splayed valve.
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